A Non-Creed Life Will Set You Free

When I heard my father say “I have a non-credo, credo.” I thought of how many people would be able to find hypocrisy in his words, similar to a person expressing they’ve adopted a non-conformist lifestyle, which is a form of conformity. It didn’t really make sense to me, until I thought how MUCH senseContinue reading “A Non-Creed Life Will Set You Free”

3 Boundaries for a Healthy Relationship

Between all of our differences in Brigg’s Personality Types, Western/Eastern Zodiac, Numerology, and the countless ways to prescribe understanding to our intricate identity there is vast knowledge to college in efforts to understand and how we connect with others, plus it’s interesting! Since we all speak different love languages, among our own native tongues, thereContinue reading “3 Boundaries for a Healthy Relationship”