Why Do We Need Answers?

It seems we are constantly looking for a definitive understanding of our world so that our minds can be in a state of peace. Naturally, our brains what to decipher the world around us; categorizing and arranging things in a way it can better understand. What is understanding but from only our perspectives? Our brainsContinue reading “Why Do We Need Answers?”

A Non-Creed Life Will Set You Free

When I heard my father say “I have a non-credo, credo.” I thought of how many people would be able to find hypocrisy in his words, similar to a person expressing they’ve adopted a non-conformist lifestyle, which is a form of conformity. It didn’t really make sense to me, until I thought how MUCH senseContinue reading “A Non-Creed Life Will Set You Free”

Making Better Decisions

What’s behind the door may be the very thing that will give us ultimate freedom. Why are we afraid to take the chance of our lifetime and open it up, and not just open the door; but shut it behind you because there is no going back.  Our decisions have the power to greatly dictateContinue reading “Making Better Decisions”

Consistency Represents You!

When we look in the mirror, we can ask ourselves, “Who am I?” Is our identity founded in the thoughts of our mind, the feelings of our heart, or the core of our soul? It’s easy to assume identities that help us attach an understanding of ourselves, our brain is doing it all the timeContinue reading “Consistency Represents You!”

3 Boundaries for a Healthy Relationship

Between all of our differences in Brigg’s Personality Types, Western/Eastern Zodiac, Numerology, and the countless ways to prescribe understanding to our intricate identity there is vast knowledge to college in efforts to understand and how we connect with others, plus it’s interesting! Since we all speak different love languages, among our own native tongues, thereContinue reading “3 Boundaries for a Healthy Relationship”

6 Ways to Raise Your Humanity

It is quite obvious how technology has progressed our society in many revolutionary ways, but with great positives come great negatives. We are more connected than ever to anyone in the world at a moments notice, how is it that we have become so disconnected to our humanity? Benevolence. Brotherhood. Sisterhood. Fellowship. Universal Morality. TheseContinue reading “6 Ways to Raise Your Humanity”

10 Ways to Self-Forgiveness

Compassion exudes our concern for others, and the element that binds us together as human beings. It can be difficult to be compassionate towards others if we do not have self-compassion. Living in a society where filters start with our images, pause with our speech, and end in our thoughts. It is not a wonderContinue reading “10 Ways to Self-Forgiveness”

Manifesting My Blog!

There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen. — Rumi. This morning I woke up, and felt called to write a blog; but unlike the other 3 or more times I felt the urge to start a blog that same day, my mind was clear today with vision focused on something other than myself.Continue reading “Manifesting My Blog!”


Hi reader! I’m really excited you decided to visit https://risingcompassion.com/. I have always wanted to start a blog, after a few meek attempts, I am happy to say that I’ve found my niche. I could post on social media only, or make a youtube channel only, or even do a radio podcast alone, but creatingContinue reading “WELCOME TO MY BLOG!”