Manifesting My Blog!

“Out of darkness,

comes light.”

There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.

— Rumi.

This morning I woke up, and felt called to write a blog; but unlike the other 3 or more times I felt the urge to start a blog that same day, my mind was clear today with vision focused on something other than myself. I thought of starting a poetry blog in the past, stories about my personal life, and health and wellness but no ideas quite like this…

The sun was shining on the this wintery day on my way to the coffee shop, as though it was cheering me on with this calling. I want to create a digital space that will bring humanity together by observing what is being echoed in our existence towards Rising our Compassion; in our internal and external environment. When we all come together with compassion in our hearts we will have a new compass guiding us to lead forth a consciousness that will leave a legacy that will vibrate forever.

We live in broken systems, operating from archaic logic that runs our world and we have the abilities, talents, and resources to create communities not just with a voice, but with ACTION! We can talk philosophy, history, science, technology, spirituality and every great subject we can imagine that creates awareness, but it is nothing without ACTION!

Patterns keep us living in cycles, whether by choice or force and keep in on the merry-go-round until something breaks, which is typically when we make our biggest changes. In the face of disaster, collapse or death it is when we come together the most; but with complacency taking hold of our compassion we are in a state of serious awareness for our present and our future.

Are we so busy being connected that we are going through life disconnected to the greater reasons as to what are we accomplishing? I feel we are going so fast we have not stopped to ask these bigger questions about life in general.

None of us are going to get out of this life alive. We will take with us no possessions, no titles, nothing we earned or worked towards, we may not even get to take our own memories. If most of our life is aimed at pleasing our external bodies and outside world, what are we doing to work towards our inner self, or our soul? I believe we are a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. It is all we have when we come, and it is all we will leave with when we die. Why place such small importance on our soul in this lifetime when it is our very driving force?

When we part from our souls in the living world, we are living a truly dead life, apart from ourself and when we disconnected within; how can we expect to be connected to anything in our external experience including being connected to others? It seems we are in a constant struggle of self vs. external self to survive with this world. Do we listen to our inner voice or our external voice, or perhaps we can’t distinguish them at all?

I have always been compelled to write, but my own inner voice was telling me to listen to the outer voice; the earthly and practical one and NOT write. I’ve reached a radical point in my life, where I do not want to live like the rat race of upper, middle and low class slavery. I do not wish to live for money alone, and obviously cannot live for purpose alone unless I want to perish.

Some of us, have worked with these systems to overcome them, and ourselves; but my question is what could we be doing with our energy had we not focused it on surviving and thriving but CREATING? That notion is so far outside of our understanding its laughable.

I used to think the world was becoming worse (thanks to media and news) but it is statistically becoming a better place to live with far less problems that once plagued our humanity. All these nuances that have become our “problems” are indeed worthy of our attention, which is why I feel called to write a blog!! If we aren’t helping, we are hurting and I want to help as much as I possibly can-not only by my voice, but to create a community where we can connect and take action, and inspire more voices that also feel called to connect and take action.

My goal for this blog space is to take the steps needed to not only share my voice, but one piece by one piece connect my vision which is for a podcast, youtube channel, and non-profit organizations geared towards helping causes with donated solutions that are filled with action-packed RISING COMPASSION!

Welcome readers to a long-lived dream that existed only in my mind, with the only thing holding me back was myself; but this is a new year and a new decade to build a legacy for our world.

Why Do We Need Answers?

It seems we are constantly looking for a definitive understanding of our world so that our minds can be in a state of peace. Naturally, our brains what to decipher the world around us; categorizing and arranging things in a way it can better understand.

What is understanding but from only our perspectives? Our brains have so much information to receive that it has no choice but to tap into the limited brain power that we utilize and lie to us on a moment by moment basis just to make things a more bearable and peaceful existence; an information overload on a limited thinking tank could exhaust us.

When we focus our energy on raising our energetic levels through our 5 senses, we will naturally raise our consciousness in the process. When everything we put in our senses is only high-energy we are able to elevate to a higher-level-awareness that neutralizes extremes in our life for a balance that comes with ease. When we are living in a centered way of life we become congruent with the energy that is flowing in the universe, our increased brain power is a byproduct of synchronicity with our world around us.

Growing up I was the opposite of patient, and it is yet one of my biggest struggles. My father would then tell me an important saying that I’ve taken with me throughout my life; “When you resist, it persists.” Whatever it is we are resisting call it X, then X will continue to persist in our lives and somethings with a great power and vengeance.

The greatest thing we can do for ourselves and the world is LET GO. We don’t hold anything; not our opinions, thoughts, not our legacy and what happens to it, and not even our bodies. We own nothing, and control nothing on the planet.

The real secret is knowing when to be fighting and when to LET GO. We know when to do this, by raising our natural instinct known as our intuitive and natural powerful abilities. If there is a choice and there is resistance anywhere; sometimes the best choice is to let go.

Life is meant to be an open, effortless, fluid-moving, ever-changing experience that is enthralling and vivid to our heart core. How can we have more of that, all with peace and joy?

It is simple to ask yourself if you are reacting from fear, or acting in faith. We are tested regularly by the great amount of information and how we choose to react or act in regard to the information we receive moment by moment.

It must be a freewill choice, to choose faith over fear. Logic will not bring us closer to living a peaceful existence, nor will our heart on its own. The answers or definitiveness we seek in this life does not solidify the journey any more or less.

The more we can access our authentic version of ourselves and express it unto the world in a raw and unadulterated way we are living in alignment.
The real struggle comes when we minimize aspects of ourselves to fit us into a mold of this material existence. It is muting and harming our throat chakra and solar plexus and root chakra because it is silencing our voice, our soul, and the fundamental of our being.

It is no wonder so many people live a medicated, extremist life. We seek to discover our identity because it has been covered by layers of the world in all of its essence. More in our modern era, it is more popular to fight against what is natural, instead of completely letting go and submitting to the natural ways of life.

We will always live in turmoil, pain, and difficulty until we humble ourselves and realize that we cannot force and continue to resist all in the name of control which is ultimately fear. The natural chaos will always remain, and we must flow within the whirlwind that whisps every which way beyond all human understanding.

LET GO and experience RISING COMPASSION! Live in the NOW. the Moment. Not the past. Not the Future, but the Present as the Gift that is has been given to us.

Think of ourselves as in the infantile stages of our development in levels of consciousness. Kids that don’t receive answers in their childhood, tend to assume answers to structure an understanding to their lives, according to child psychology. Do we not also do that as humans?

We do not know where we TRULY came from, why we are here, nor where we are going. We can all agree that we will all die one day too and it is unknown what will be next.

We can seek to assume answers that have been given to us, experienced or discovered. What is truly TRUTH? Why resist the infinite forms of truths, to focus on a solitary truth. What about the idea that all exists, and it always has and always will?

The vastness of our universe/multiverse is beyond any understanding or answers we have. How silly is it that an astronaut studies the atmosphere and can predict the distance in time we are from another planet?

If you have not experienced something first hand, can you really judge? The real answer is, there are no answers, because ALL the answers are the answer.

Resonate with the answers you seek, and emit the question with a bright light burning into the highest form of yourself you possibly can be and it will appear as you wish.


A Non-Creed Life Will Set You Free

When I heard my father say “I have a non-credo, credo.” I thought of how many people would be able to find hypocrisy in his words, similar to a person expressing they’ve adopted a non-conformist lifestyle, which is a form of conformity. It didn’t really make sense to me, until I thought how MUCH sense it really makes and now I’ve adopted this methodology.

Jump out of a plane and skydive.Bunjee jump. Fly a plane. Scubadive. Climb Mt. Everest. You will be one of the few humans that has accomplished something rare. Do a 30 day callenge. Learn a new skill. Hit a goal. Earn an accomplishment. You will still be one of the few humans that has completed that particular challenge, skill, goal or accomplishment. 

But one of the most rare qualities to have as a human is not to be a hypocrite. Who are you? Who are you claiming to be in the world? Who are you, REALLY? Do you know you aren’t who you claim to be? That’s because none of us are, we are not who we represent even the most genuine person in the world cannot live up to the 100% representation of themselves to the world.

That’s because we are always evolving, or maladapting. Things are constantly changing and so we are constantly adaptive. We are not a constant, and if we were we would then be a robot. It’s why you hear stories of people becoming “out of character,” or having a “midlife crisis,” and the ultimate that people really despise..losing your humanity altogether; it is a universally hated concept to lose your humanity completely and unleash unto complete darkness and lack of consciousness through sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies. 

Is it not hypocritical to have hate for anyone? Expressing yourself in inhumane way towards those that have lost their humanity? Hating someone for their actions, when you yourself have acted less than correct in your life. What about hatred for someone different than you, when you are in fact different from them, is this not hypocrisy? What makes something better than the other? What makes things worse than another? Even though societies have adopted universal love and hate for different things, from a higher perspective who has decided this? When you analyze every situation or person you will find why anything and everything is both good and bad in the same. There is no good or bad, it doesn’t exist. Only to the attachment we have assigned to it by our human logic and supposed humanity. When we look deeper…what humanity have we, really? We are much more inhumane than we like to pretend to be. 

There are only two forms of thought and behavior; fear and love; and I have yet to meet one human on the earth that lives in the vibration of love at all times; if they did…I believe they would transcend from this dualistic planet into some other consciousness that we cannot even wrap our simplistic minds around. The reality is when we pluck the plank out of our own eye, we can all agree that below the surface of anything we all have the same tendencies living in a dualistic world, making the choices with what has been given by nature, and decisions with how we nurture or destroy this experience. Above all, we are not the puppet master to this whole paradigm of reality; nor use all of our brain power-so we must always exude humility that everything is beyond our understanding despite what we have been programmed to believe. Anything is possible, and everything is in question on the planet in this lifetime and there will be no solid answers so it is better for us all to stay in our lane by assuming the role of humility over justice, judgment, or holier than thou attitudes.  

I have always said that everything here is good, and if it’s not or we don’t like it; the blame is not the fault of another human but in ourselves as a piece of the whole. The bit of the larger collective consciousness that we are creating in every moment of thought, behavior, and action. Alot of people will tell me that is a disturbing thought to have to say that everything is good, especially with hot topics or destructive time periods; but how can we know how things would have turned out differently? I like to imagine an unknown energy working in mysterious ways that is far beyond our understanding. In order to not live a defeatist life, by the ludacris expectation of a perfect life in ourselves and others (according to our own ego) we will live more at peace with a perspective that is more real.

Hypocrisy in short are our actions that don’t mirror our voiced ethics. A way to live a “non-credo, credo” life means that you have adopted a new perspective in your life that that is a non-belief/belief or non-foundation/foundation, or non-ethics/ethic” Everyone has 3 parts of them as Sigmund Freud says; The Id, Ego, and Super-Ego. The Id (lower-self) represents our animalistic nature, and our super-ego is the moralizing beliefs (higher-self), our ego is like that picture in the cartoons with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other; helping us decide the correct choice. We need to ask ourself who the ego really is, who is that voice speaking to us, because it isn’t us. US is the soul, and the ego is speaking to it determining whether or not to act animalistic and our lower-self or choose to act in a higher vibration. The real dilemma is not knowing our own voice who we are and who exactly the ego is talking to when it help us to decide. 

The reason I have a Stoicism tattoo on my Right inner forearm is because I prescribe deeply to the ideology to remain neutral to the vicissitudes (changes) of fortune, pleasure or pain. Your soul is your heartspeak, and your voice is the vehicle you choose to express it to the world. Regardless of the changes around you: ups/downs, ills/wells, right/wrongs holding things in extremes versus neutrality takes us away from our real humanity. Our truest expression of humanity and to live a life of RISING COMPASSION is to exist and live in the PRESENT moment as the unadulterated essence that it objectively is-versus living in our ID (animalistic side), Super-Ego (higher-self), and Ego (Smooth Talkin Angel/Demon). 

So, how can we choose to not live in hypocrisy; when we cannot be “perfect?” How can we live a “non-creed” life to set us free? 

Exist in the moment. Be fully present. Ground yourself to understanding what is happening mechanically behind the scenes of your mind, body and soul in all the duality and dexterity of deceit that presents itself to YOU..the REAL YOU, the VOICE WITHIN, the one UNSPOKEN, the silent one that NOBODY SEES and many times..not even you.

In silence, we hear. So let’s not make high claims about ourselves, our desires, our wants, our life. It is imaginary, and an attachment to a fictious world that we created. The purest way we can exist is to adopt a Zen Buddhist philosophy and Taoist mentality of living. 

We must be mindful of what we ingest in form of energy in our mind, body, soul and be aware of what is being fed within and external. Hunger for your real voice, and who that really is. 

Patterns are how we make sense of our world, and our brain is constantly working to make sense of that which is seen, let along all that goes unseen to help us not become overwhelmed of all that the world actually is at it really exists. These patterns or algorithms are where we start to try and figure out the puzzle that has been handed to each of us individually. Some of us hate puzzles, so we don’t learn. Some of us don’t understand the puzzle. While others are puzzle masters and are still perplexed at some point in their life when the pattern/puzzle/algorithm does not fit and shows itself in a way never seen before. Patterns have a way of changing and languages have discrepancies that don’t align. How many times have you been in awe (good or bad) of the actions of another? What about in yourself? Even if we think we have achieved the most understanding aka we are experts or holiest, etc. etc. (puzzle masters or ones with the highest ego “best smooth talker of the year”) we will be surprised when something happens unexpectedly.

If you think you have things all figured out, you don’t. None of us do, and that’s really what unites us! Our lack of real understanding or what everything really means, why, and the purpose. 

Language is the best way we can attempt to put meaning to our thoughts in a way that others can understand, and since language can easily be misinterpreted it’s no wonder there is so much chaos in the world. One of the first languages was made through pictures such as the Hieroglyphs, and ironically enough now we communicate through emojis aka newage hieroglyphs making communication even more flawed. 

Before man-made languages we had non-verbal language, and telepathy. This is the original language of man. Think of the man-made languages (hieroglyph, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin) regardless of the roots they are manmade. When we tap into telepathy we can live more by intuition where there is no need for conscious reason. Makes for a quiet and simpler life! One that is more neutral, at peace and properly guided. 

We grow our intuition by what we ingest in our 5 senses, as it creates our physical world and what energy is allowed versus disallowed. 

Here are a few mantras I say to correct myself to hear my real voice versus any other voice speaking to me in my mind!! (Id=animal, ego=smooth-talking survivalist, and super-ego=highest self) 

The Japanese say “You have three faces; the first face is the one you show to the world, the second face is one you show to closest family and friends, and the third is the face you don’t show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.” This is the VOICE of who you are, let us always be on a journey to uncover it by dissecting all the garbage we have collected in our nature (karma, dna, etc. ) and constant nurture (id, ego, superego experiential life). 

Our voice is the most powerful of all, if we train it and constantly prod it a little deeper to let it bleed out all the lies. 

Here are some sayings to ask yourself or say in order to do a daily purge… to bleed out the garbage that has collected on top of “You” which makes “You” a very subjective concept. Living more neutral is a balanced way of thought, like a balanced diet we need to remain as centered as possible by understanding our foundation can and should be changed and adjusted regularly. 

  1. Silence is more accountable than voice
  2. Labels are for products, not people
  3. Make no claims, live free
  4.  Understanding will never be understood
  5.  The only constant, is change
  6. Reality is your perception
  7. You can have loosely held, strong opinions
  8. Morality is elusive
  9. Instant gratification appeases our inner mediocrity
  10. Pride comes from fear
  11. Judgment is limited to your experience only
  12. Mental dominance, makes you unstoppable
  13. You cannot act in fear or love at the same time
  14. Mental, emotional, and spritual limitations either outwardly or self-imposed hinder your growth. 

Having a voracious appetite to stay open, unlimited, boundless beings with a bird’s eye view of our own life and the world around us help us to have these loosely held strong opinions that make up our belief system. What we know about the world is that creation and destruction have always been a part of it and cannot exist without going hand in hand. 

We can make it our creed as humanity to prescribe to every way possible to continuously reach for RISING COMPASSION and it begins in our own minds. Like Bob Marley says, we must “Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.” We have a strong power given to us, one that we have yet to master as one individual and as humanity. We know that because history has changed the details but not the problems. Living in a Zen-like, neutral, balanced way that helps us understand our world and our own identity and voice will help us understand the voice of others and the world around us. 

Whether every human becomes isolated or not, nobody can take away the deeper energy we all have together that unites all of us together as a humanity. Self-work is the hardest thing we can ever do in this entire life, and it is difficult enough to understand ourselves let alone the world at large. Let’s be a little more humble, a little more understanding, and a little more centered. Choose to connect with others regardless of everything because one person has the power to change the world.

Making Better Decisions

What’s behind the door may be the very thing that will give us ultimate freedom. Why are we afraid to take the chance of our lifetime and open it up, and not just open the door; but shut it behind you because there is no going back. 

Our decisions have the power to greatly dictate our future, so we tread lightly or we tread heavily with our choices; regardless which way you tread this long journey, so few of us risk everything for that which means most in our lives. 

Whether you leap with or without heed, how can we be certain of our decisions bringing us closer to what we want than away? When we understand our human identity stems from our biology and physiology that connects to a spiritual and scientific understanding of our world as a whole. The saying “As above, so below” is as we are..”As outward we are inward, and as inward we are outward.” 

How can you make better decisions? Perceiving yourself being a part of the sum, connects you greatest to, you being your highest vibrational self possible. Ask yourself the following questions to create a healthy present, and optimal future. I’ve learned some of these tricks after ramming my head against the wall so to speak, so I share with you the wisdom from my errors. 

Our choices and decisions impact us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. They can alter our present, and future and affect the way we view our past. If we find our answers after a healthy view of discernment of how each of the below questions applies to us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially we will enjoy living a sound and balanced way of life that meets our greatest wants and needs. 

 Some thoughts to ask your mind and heart before making a decision:

  1. Will this choice add, or subtract to my life? 
  2. How will this impact my present and future?
  3. How much time will it take from me? 
  4. Do I like the way it will influence me?
  5. Which part of me likes it, or dislikes it, and why?

Some thoughts to ask your mind and heart while you are experiencing the decision:

  1. Do I feel relaxed?
  2. Am I at peace?
  3. Can I think clearly?
  4. Am I fully aware?
  5. Am I content?
  6. Am I a better version of myself now?

Some thoughts to ask mind and heart after you’ve made the decision:

  1. Do I feel better or worse?
  2. Is my energy high or is my energy low?
  3. Are better things happening around me or worse?
  4. Do I view life in a bright way or dark?
  5. Do I want this influence to be in my life never, temporarily, or often?

Life is all about being able to enjoy our ultimate freedom, but being free-spirited can connect you to where your child-like self meets your adult-self so you can enjoy the best of both worlds by making decisions that connect you closer to your true identity, linking you to your deepest wants and desires! Rising compassion vibrates through all of your being effortlessly, when living through your true identity. We have so many decisions that come to us through moment to moment, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly decisions we make. Gingerly, but freely enjoy the ones you choose!

The Sliding Door Concept:

I watched this movie in highschool with Gwyneth Paltrow (a fellow Macrobiotic and amazing A-list actress, who at one time married Coldplay’s Chris Martin) where she made 2 different decisions from an event that happened and how her life was altered in 2 very different ways. I won’t be a spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it, cuz I couldn’t do that for this great film!…but it makes you think alot about destiny. 

We have free will to make all the choices and decisions we want whether they are good, or bad…illegal, or legal. Something is beyond our will, which is the scientific aspect known as the energy that is made in this world. The energy we put in us through our 5 senses, will effect the frequency we tune into in our daily lives. To be mindful of what we consume through our 5 senses in this world, will make all the difference of how we view our perception and the experience everything!

Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch are our 5 senses. Let’s ask ourselves some other questions when we make our decisions. Rather than time, let’s ask ourselves these questions about the choices we are about to make and how they impact us and the co-relation to our energy that interacts with all energy on the planet and beyond. 


What are you programming into your eyes and for how much time are you looking at it? Negative, positive?


Is what you smell like or smell in your world offensive, or pleasant? Natural or Chemical?


What music, media, are you programming your subconscious and conscious thoughts with? Negative, positive?


Does what you eat for every meal satisfy the 6 tastes of the tongue(sweet, sour, bitter, sour, and umami)? Processed, whole? Natural or Chemical?


Are your sensations heightened, neutral, or lowered? Does your skin suffocate in synthetic, or breathe in natural material?  

We can all agree regardless of our spiritual or lack of spirituality that we all interact with the world in a physical way. This external world is all made of energy, and what we partake in with our 5 senses is a very large determining factor of what choices and decisions are presented to us daily and how we make them repeat, stay stagnant, or begin a new cycle. 

When you vibe high, you float in life in a frequency that is synergistic to your world. When you vibe low, you hit road blocks all along the way. 

This makes the choices really simple when you realize that this whole thing can be compared to a giant science experiment. If you mix baking soda and vinegar you are going to get one reaction; if you mix baking soda and water you are going to get another reaction. 

Which reaction exists in your life? How does the world react to you? How do you react to your world? 

We can all have the life we want when we submit to the science behind it all, and the energy that cannot be changed but only observed and made for your benefit or curse. 

These are just a few questions we can ask ourselves about how our choices that are presented to us daily can affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially for our present, future, and how we perceive our past. We can ask on a fundamental level how when we look at our physical environment affects by the energy through our 5 senses and where we are tuned in in our current frequency.

I believe we can all start making the choices and bigger decisions that reflect who we truly are, because we have one life to live, and give of our truest expression of self to pay it forward for the gifts we have been gifted with, blessings to ya’ll.

Consistency Represents You!

When we look in the mirror, we can ask ourselves, “Who am I?” Is our identity founded in the thoughts of our mind, the feelings of our heart, or the core of our soul? It’s easy to assume identities that help us attach an understanding of ourselves, our brain is doing it all the time programmed to make assumptions to better understand the world at large.

Why then would we consider believing our brain’s attempts to understanding ourselves? When we take our egoistic perception of ourselves we can see ourselves from an outside perspective to who we appear by our outside actions that are a much more accurate view of who we really are.

What good does it do to have a philosophical mind, if you don’t write down theories and see how they align with other theories. What good is it to be an excellent chef, but cook for only yourself? Fortunately or unfortunately; the world decides who we are based on our outside representation of ourselves and can we blame them when the only thing they have to discern character is our actions?

Some people are well aware of the power of external judgment and use it to their advantage, while others not interested in, and/or feel comfortable using this power. Whether we want to participate or not we live in a competitive world with the ability to be great or horrible to us. Our hearts show us who we really are, our actions determine our integrity, and our minds show us patterns and cycles that exist within everything including ourselves.

It is in these patterns we are able to really discover how the puzzle connects, and with the ability to problem-solve the patterns in our mind, heart, and soul (internal world) we can achieve a higher level of ability to solve the problems in our external world where actions represent us.

I think identity is something of a vague concept to most of us, and have a very limited understanding of it and it begins with “We are what we eat.” What we feed our bodies build our DNA and cells into evolved, or maladapted bits that affect us systemically and outside of our bodies, and energy attracts certain energy. Without a basic understanding of our biology, and physiology we will not be able to conquer the most basic understanding of identity which are the fundamentals of understanding our life-the picture as a whole.

Our bodies were designed to be active and for athletic use; otherwise, we would have been born a snake slithering along with simple movement. When we lead a life that was designed for our body, mind and soul we enjoy a simpler approach to life that works synergistically and organically.

A few years ago, I met someone who had a waterproof writing pad inside their shower to write notes when it came to mind during their daily shower. Then someone else mentioned to me how the repetitive movement (such as the showerhead sound) and ritual of the shower itself are all a type of meditation; much like running, lifting weights, chopping vegetables, doing the dishes, etc. It sparked my mind that any type of repetitive movement, or ritualistic activity is really great for humans and we crave it since we are all creatures of habit.

Consistency allows us to have better health, relationships, finances, fitness, and a closer spiritual connection. Consistency does not have time for excuses, or lack of resources, or any dilemmas. To be consistent means living the life that was meant to be, as the creator of your life!

Rising compassion begins to exist on a daily basis in yourself and in others when you’re able to live up to the hardest oath of all-being consistently married to yourself through the ups and downs, looking inside and out-making changes where necessary and decisions being born out of a healthy discernment for creating an optimal environment for a balanced way of life.

When you are committed to yourself (consistent) the whole world knows it and feels in on a very animalistic level. You will become not only successful for yourself but successful for others, as an inspiration for them to lead a life of consistency that makes sense for themselves.

We all get the same time in the day, so let’s use it wisely. We only have this moment to live, the next moment we could cease to exist. We only will have one eulogy that highlights who we are, all that will be left of our identity will be what we left attached to others on the planet through memories.

You have the power, creativity, and all you need to live the consistent life of your choice. Yes, life can bring circumstances that take away from leading a balanced and consistent life-can we rise to the challenge? Can we adapt, overcome, re-create and design a new way? There may be bumps, but we can and will make it to the top through self-love which brings rising compassion to ourselves and the world!

Self-love isn’t selfish, as long as you lead a life of balance. Do you give as much as you take? Do you build as much as you rest? Whatever we do that is consistent is the only representation of who we are. Do we give, give, give, and never or rarely take? Do we build, build, build, with no rest? The most important thing in life is to be balanced-yes imbalance will happen, and will happen often but it is our undertaking to do our best to structure a new center each time.

When you skip a beat in life, pick back up and get yourself up off the ground-go one step further, push yourself that much more. Hard work does pay off, and smart work pays off more. Take the time to educate yourself, learn, and listen a little deeper to what life is asking of you.

Can we rise to the occasion and be consistent? When I think of my own identity and who I am representing of that by exchanging my mind, body, soul to the external world in the form of actions-I have to say it doesn’t line up! If that’s the case, it leads to a huge disharmony by NOT living to your highest self. I ask y’all to take this step with me, as I am by being the consistent person of our soul so that we can rise higher and further along our journey in this life.

Everyday I lift weights, I remind myself I have functional arms and legs with a body that has all the 5 senses working properly. I remind myself I am grateful where I am living, and where I was and where I am. I am on a new journey to eat a plant-based vegan/raw lifestyle again. This is my consistency. I will start to integrate meditation, goal-setting, and financial planning more and more!

If you aren’t sure what to start to be consistent in, think about what you have always aspired to do, or be and start with one small thing and do it for 30 days then add to it! It only takes 30 days to create a habit, and if you get good at it, you can do a few at a time. I believe in you, and I know you can do it! Rising compassion with one heart at a time, starting with yours!

Why the Coronavirus?

Self-perseverance derives from the root of our very human nature, whether things are going well in our lives, and especially when things are going badly. Our innate fear response, kick starts us to choose an action of flight or fight in the face of disaster. When we operate from a place of self-preservation, we live in fear of pain and suffering and, ultimately, death. Let us ask ourselves in the face of fear; What are we afraid of losing? More importantly, Why are we afraid of losing whatever it is we are afraid to lose?

Loss is death, of self. We are afraid to lose ourselves because we may not recognize our own identity when things change. The fear of losing our identity temporarily, and even forever is one of the most daunting feelings to the human psyche. Maybe something, someone, etc. external to us has helped us to defined our “identity,” and without it- the definition of our narrative will be unrecognizably hollow.

Who are we? What have we collected in our external world to define our identity? People? Places? Things? We should ask ourselves what gives us purpose and value? What happens if those things we have chosen to define ourselves, the things we have attached to our purpose and value no longer exist? Where, then, will be our purpose/value?

Only the storm can calm the mind. We can see only during the storm, if what we were building aligns with our truest values, or if it aligns with something other than ourselves? Who are we? What do we stand for? Where are we going?

It is a sad, unfortunate event when we dismiss blessings as “problems” in the name of fighting them into submission! We must remember that whatever we resist, it will persist. Do we choose to remain half-awake and partially ignorant in our newfound reality? Do we wish to repeat the same life lessons in an endless cycle, through a varied series of events, all having different subtitles, but the same title called “change?”

When we think of the coronavirus, so much comes to mind and how we have responded to this pandemic. Most of us will never know how it began, why it is here, or where we will be going after- if there is an after. Much of our own existence, mirrors this virus: we do not know why we are here, what we are doing, or where we are going.

Regarding the information of the virus, we can believe the narratives that have been directed to us by the media, news, politicians, world leaders, and health and safety organizations. We can believe the unknown ideas of conspiracy, cosmos, religious, spiritual, other-worldly, and inner knowledge.

Yin and Yang are two opposed and complementary forces of our 3-dimensional world that define our spirit and ego. Yin being an expansive force, open, submissive, airy, feminine like our spirit. Yang being a contractive force, closed, controlling, and fiery, masculine like our ego. Both coexist as necessary to live as a spirit in a body; through the cosmos in the world.

It is easy to get lost in a sea of information at this time, where are spirits float in all directions. It is easy to redirect a “new normal” routine where our ego finds structure and balance. We need to see above the algorithms of the way we interact with our reality. How is this virus any different than how we were going through life before?

Lost in our spirit, lost in our ego, lost in the world.

What difference is a new cycle if we repeat ourselves in the new cycle? It then is an old cycle that repeats, bleeding unto the new…stagnant at the present moment and unto the future lest we wake fully up and see our reality from a bird’s eye view.

I believe all things are good, even the bad. When something is destroyed, it allows room for something new to be created. It can be gruesome to accept that destruction could lead to our own ending, but when we understand the world is not for or against us, it is much more palatable for us to digest.

It is interesting how specieist we are towards how just or unjust the world is when animal homes are being destroyed in storms, but as long as we are okay, it is not a complete catastrophe. When we discover that we are only “part” of the world and not the whole world itself, we can learn our place and our part here at this time.

Corona means Crown, infecting cells like a medieval morning star weapon. Virus means to corrupt and destroy data in an entire system multiplying on a very small level taking over. This virus affects the lungs and respiratory. These are the factual details we have been given if only we look at a deeper meaning other than just a virus.

God speaks to us in the only way we can understand- our tangible world. We need to look at symbolism to find the deeper meanings to the bigger picture rather than circumstance, accident, or planned.

Crowns are of Royalty: Kings and Queens, reigning with absolute power over others. The cells look like a morning star medieval weapon that was used to emit blunt force to injure or kill an enemy. Viruses are sneaky, quietly taking you down by deleting your genetic data and re-creating a maladapted version with its own agenda. This virus affects the lungs and respiratory system, the breath a quiet sound that feeds oxygen into the lungs to breathe blood into our heart and our body to keep us alive; the breath of life.

I am amazed at how many people rely on scientific thinking to produce other facts in the world, but when it comes to our body, spirit, community, or state of the world, many people would like to turn the other cheek to this way of thinking. Science seeks to answer the question, why. Nothing just happens, and the more we seek to understand, the more we can rest in the knowledge of what actions or inactions to take.

This coronavirus is a reminder that we are not living in the way as we should as whole human species of the world, and it will take away the very breath of life if we continue to take from it. We think we are kings and queens unto ourselves, but we will be humbled by those things smaller than ourselves. We think we are so awake, but we will be bluntly awakened by the morning star, which seeks to destroy our sleeping nature.

Every single thing in our existence is created by energy, and we are the collective masters who become one singular energy. When we remain in an imbalanced way of living for a long period of time and ignore all the signs, it is no different than our human bodies ignoring the signs and developing our own disease.

The planet will eradicate us as it has done so with so many other lifeforms if we continue to lead a blind and foolish life. It is our responsibility to start to look outside of ourselves to see that the only thing we are fighting and protecting ourselves from IS ourselves.

The fear is not outside; it is inside our homes, in the mirror to who we see on a daily basis. We are not living in alignment to who we are, and if we fail to see this, we really are foolish since we as a world in unison are in this predicament for our collective energy together.

When we think we have a foundation built and are the King and Queens of the land, we will see that our very foundation (bodies) that we cannot even live in balance within are not at peace with us. This is because we continue to look away from the truths we all know we need to abide by.

Please use this time to look within, why this is happening on a deeper level other than the narrative given or the unknown cosmos. There is a deeper calling unto us all at this time, and if we don’t take heed right now, we will all collectively pay for our foolishness.

3 Boundaries for a Healthy Relationship

Between all of our differences in Brigg’s Personality Types, Western/Eastern Zodiac, Numerology, and the countless ways to prescribe understanding to our intricate identity there is vast knowledge to college in efforts to understand and how we connect with others, plus it’s interesting! Since we all speak different love languages, among our own native tongues, there can be a sea of miscommunications lost in translation.

While some people aren’t aware of the various ways of understanding identities in a deeper way, others that are aware choose to not let it become an influence; and then there is a spectrum of people who live by it as a defining rule by categorizing people before given the chance of getting to know them.

Free will gives us the power to have some control into our destiny. I believe if two people really want to work things out they can and will, nothing can stop combined effort towards healthy communication. I’ve had my share of super unhealthy relationships, starting in my biological family; and after experience in many relationships my own inner work and seeing a Psychologist I’ve learned that we really have all the tools we need to create the relationships we need and desire. When we work on self-love we can love our partner which creates RISING COMPASSION through our example of love to the world.

  1. Set Guidelines

As a massage therapist of 10 years, I have seen thousands of people and found that communication is something that needs to be a regular practice in setting guidelines that make us feel safe, healthy, and happy. I’ve learned communication can make people love or hate us, and it lies in the small details of understanding the boundaries of one another. We can attempt understanding of others with minimal communication, but it will likely be way off. I meet a lot of people who think I am a mind reader, but the face is there will never be enough for me to read someone 100% without direct communication.

At the beginning of a massage session I will ask questions to create an open space of communication, set boundaries for myself and listen to my clients’. During the session, I will check in with them multiple times asking them open-ended questions, and multiple choice questions to create a format for open communication. Once I reach the end of the session, I check in with them again before I ask them a few more questions when they come out of the room. Giving someone several opportunities to communicate, allows even the most closed off person to open up and connect so that expectations can be met and this is where peace exists.

The most important thing in setting guidelines for others is that we look within and ask our selves:

“What do I require to feel safe, healthy, and at peace?”

Setting guidelines is telling another person what you need so that your needs are being satisfied to what your personal level of satisfaction-whether mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually only YOU know what YOU need. It is not the responsibility of others to guess what we need through indirect, or meek forms of communication.

The better we understand our inner workings, the better our relationships will become since framework makes everyone feel more safe, healthy and at peace. We all crave boundaries; whether you are free spirited or rigid in personality, guidelines give ourself and others the opportunity to explore within the safety we have created for our health.

Respecting others boundaries is the highest form of love we can show another person because it means we value their needs over our own personal will to what WE may want instead. When our guidelines we set for others are disrespected confrontation happens that can put our health in real danger. If someone is closed to communication due to fearful apprehension, lack of inner work, self-protection etc. then we cannot form a connection that is open or safe, healthy, and peaceful. It is a choice to communicate, and we cannot force anyone except meet them where they are.

We can be direct, open, and honest in the way we communicate our boundaries and this guideline we set for one another creates a deeply bonded foundation of trust and loyalty to one another that grow love in epic proportions.

If you have issues with boundaries and communication, check out these:

What do we do when someone doesn’t want to communicate?

We can’t force communication, but we can attempt to understand. What is their communication or love language style and are you speaking it? Ask them why they feel closed or what they fear by opening up? Find the blockage and work on it!

How to we re-create healthy boundaries when they have been disrespected?

When trust, loyalty and respect is ripped away by disrespecting boundaries, relationships get can get rocky and even end if a healthy balance is restored. People deserve the chance to work through negative emotions by addressing them by creating a timeline for working through things, because if they persist negatively for too long the energy can’t sustain the relationship in a healthy way and things tend to end. Time, and allowing each other to do what they need to regain balance is self-love and needed to create a whole relationship again. Start with small things, and focus on positive reinforcement; people are generally more receptive under these circumstances.

Why can’t we communicate?

Disconnection can happen at any point in the relationship, guidelines and boundaries are important but getting to the foundation of what binds you two together is the best things you can do to get back to what started it all. If that is destroyed, create a new foundation on new experiences and connection; dedicate to one another getting to know the new evolved versions of you two.

Who do I talk to for help in communicating?

Sometimes it isn’t enough to work things out on your own but to rely on a mentor couple that have succeeded through high’s and lows. Talking to a life coach separately, or psychologist, various support groups and seminars that focus on relationship building. I think focusing on the positive aspects of relationship even if they are few is the way to grow back up together stronger, and more whole!

Where do we expect to go with boundaries?

Boundaries are not a one step line we draw at the beginning, but lines that we create, erase, re-draw, and connect to other lines and it gets messy. We are constantly growing and changing so the best thing we can do is stay OPEN, honest and live to our true individual calling accepting one another as they exist good and bad in an unconditional freeing way that allows one another to be as they are no judgement. When we can communicate openly, it is bliss! We can feel safe, healthy and at peace and grow exponentially.


This can make or break a relationship depending on how well the communication style needed for successful conflict/resolution is developed. I’ve heard a few interesting things over my years of what works to solve problems in the best way possible; these 3 are my favorite nontraditional FUN ways to resolve conflict:

Holding Hands while in an argument

They say it is pretty difficult to fight with high levels of anger when holding someone’s hand. It is too contradictory to our brain to disconnect with our words as we connect with our hearts and hands.

Having a Nerf Battle (tribute to my Brother and Sister-in-Law on this one!)

Pent up tension can bring rage to an all time high, and doing something physical and playful can be a way to diffuse the argument in a healthy way where you can talk to one another and take turns talking when taking shots!

Paper Hearts

Sometimes things repeat themselves in circular arguments, and nonverbal communication is best! Writing down “I feel/felt this….when you x” and writing those statements and then putting them in a cup and exchanging statements with one another is a great way to get out the deepest feeling without the strong flow of an argument. Take turns reading each others statements and reflect on one another’s heart and a resolution to mend things up!

Whether you need to be assertive, aggressive, or passive the above ways are just a few forms of healthy conflict/resolution that can turn a dreaded argument into something that actually spins love in a deeper layer of connection…that may lead to the bedroom!

Without a go-to for healthy communication for solving conflict with a resolution in a more structured way, we are lead by high-strung emotions that are bonded by a history together with one another; and knowing each others highs and lows it can become ugly if we do not have a way to reign in our emotions to control them in efforts for achieving a balance of understanding.

Harmony is what we all seek in our relationships, and to suggest that there is a perfect situation is pretty rare and if that ever happens in the “perfectly aligned relationship” the two may be in for a world of fright when things come crashing down without a plan to resolve any disruption to the relationship. The way we grow best is in our passionate unity with our partner, not in complacency and simply getting along at all times. It is also highly unrealistic to just naturally figure things out, or go off of old logic and patterns that once worked previously.

Healthy conflict/resolution takes work and if we become out of touch with our own emotions or identity it can be difficult to find unity with our partner; which is why having our own self-love and personal identity is so important for our own mental health but the health of the relationship. Sometimes we need to allow space to exist with open-communication so that we can regain being close once again; so long as both people want to work on the relationship it will always regain its balance!

3. Show Grace

Make it a rule to show grace to your partner when they mess up, and they will; just like you! We seem to create boundaries, and talk about guidelines, rules and limitations; but don’t look at the most important rule of all granting grace. Mercy looks like not giving a person what they deserve when they do wrong to us, while grace gives what is undeserved when they do wrong to us. Grace is a deeper form of love, that rather than spare someone punishment or justice (revenge etc.) we give to them the love that is not deserved but unconditional and needed.

Why do we treat our partners with boundaries that when crossed heat up our core, stifle us and can even end everything? The person that becomes our life partner could very well live with us longer than our own birthparents who birthed and raised us under the toughest of conditions. It is said that nobody will love us quite as unconditionally as our parents; imagine if we stepped over a boundary a few times and then we got kicked out of our family unit permanently to perish on our own? Why do we think that conditional love is love at all? To love another person unconditionally is to show them grace over and over for better or worse.

The only time we should not show grace is when there is a threat to our health and safety, which under no circumstance should be taken lightly or in any normal light. Professional help, and distance is needed in those situations potentially never allowing for unity to exist in the future; but it is possible that people can change.

Communicating grace looks like a non-verbal and verbal way of letting the other person know that your boundaries still exist, and that out of the kindness of your heart and through time things can be corrected and or healed through sticking to the other healthy boundaries listed on this particular post.

I feel called to discuss grace especially to be the most important of all because we have somehow calculated and analyzed the imagined ‘perfect relationship’ image in our mind and it isn’t real! We all have our own personal image of what the ideal partner or relationship looks like, and when our expectations are crushed we look outside and think that things are over. Treating one another as disposable will devalue the potential growth that happens naturally in a relationship.

Think back to your birth family and the several stages and times in life that ya’ll endured where everyone in the family unit grew in different ways but grew together due to the circumstances at hand. Relationships take alot of love, dedication and patience; if we just keep trying the same way we are all trying to be mega billionaires then we can be unstoppable.

Persist with grace, giving undeserved love where it is most needed in the relationship. When you cover hurt with more love, it is the energy of the universe that love will come back to you; hold tight to the grace in your hearts that bind the tender and sweet relationship that cradles love in the most gentle of manners.

Talk about it with your partner how grace is necessary from both of you, because without tenderness and forgiveness what can exist longterm? It’s important that you receive grace, as so you give it because boundaries are not only about safety, health, and peace but reciprocity that make us feel content in the give and take of a relationship.

Self-love within, and love within our relationship create a RISING COMPASSION that exists within ourself, our partner, and translate to the world in the brightest of ways!

6 Ways to Raise Your Humanity

It is quite obvious how technology has progressed our society in many revolutionary ways, but with great positives come great negatives. We are more connected than ever to anyone in the world at a moments notice, how is it that we have become so disconnected to our humanity?

Benevolence. Brotherhood. Sisterhood. Fellowship. Universal Morality. These are the thoughts that we can connect with what it means to be a human.

Raising our awareness is really elevating us all collectively, but beyond the surface we can see the dysfunction in our connections, and our communications that are hindering us in very deep ways. We can look in a wide array of articles spanning the internet on ‘Ghosting’ in both personal relationships and the workplace, the rising violence in public, and overall moral decline among the new wave of social movement. These are just a few highlighted issues that deteriorate humanity in ways that can have lasting dysfunctions among future generations.

It would be easy to look at our history and how we got to where we are today, but I believe in taking responsibility for where we are at today as is; looking in the mirror and making decisions that will influence our way of communications and also lead the way for others to rise to the occasion and become a community before we end up an island.

Perhaps you’re guilty in adding to the dysfunction causing negative effects in others, or you’re a victim of the dysfunction that has caused negative effects in yourself. People are searching for ways to make things better and if you’re unaware that you are affecting those around you, now is a great time to reflect your actions and take action! If you have dropped out as a victim, feeling powerless to the collective dysfunction; you have way more power than you think to effect the outcome for a greater good! So many people in history have gone great lengths to keep the golden rule “Treat Others as You Want to Be Treated,” and “One Love,” and the like that have scribed to our narrative of what it means to be human and be a participant in humanity. We are all participants in the shape of how our reality exists and we all have the power to change things for how we would like them to be!

1.Be Accountable

Now exists many shells of a human, empty, dead inside, estranged from the emotions that connect their spirit to their body. It’s an unfortunate event to be alive and dead at the same time, existing in your body but not your spirit. When we exist more as a robot than a human in the material world, we fulfill only our material senses that connect us to the earth. We can appeal to our sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch living for those things that only exist here; and in that space we can sufficiently live as an island connected to our own ego, self, and selfish needs, wants, and desires of our own existence. When we live like this, we do not necessarily need or even want another human being since we are so connected to ourselves only and not to others.

Ghosting is more commonplace than a rarity because more people do not feel the regard for another human being whatsoever, since they only exist to themselves and their own ego. When we live in a state of pure identity alone, what then would be the point of connecting to another human unless it would benefit us in a transactional robotic way? That is a scary reality to live in!

It doesn’t feel good for us as humans to be disregarded by others, used transactionally, as a tool, object, or other form of use. When we ghost or are ghosted we are sending a message that devalues both people and their humanity. The more we decrease one another’s value, the less valuable we become as a whole. When using each other is more commonplace than rare, we put less effort in our output to the world and others. We are a creative bank of extreme capabilities that should never be silenced, ignored, or devalued! Time to step up our game of accountability.

The premise to avoid communication and ‘ghost’ is to make things “easier” for ourselves. This is seemingly easy on the surface, but below is gets pretty dark. This avoidance behavior teaches us to not actively handle things that incites a fear to communicate because we want the easy way out. In reality avoidance complicates things, festering a blister that will eventually pop. Open and honest communication holds us accountable; it takes bravery, courage and character. One generation ago, none of those words would be described with open and honest communication because being accountable was just a way of life. Accountability was who you were as a human unto others; it was your word, and your bond.

To be accountable means to own up to your identity not in the light you wish to be seen, but in the light that you actually are by your actions. It is not a painted image, filtered, or imagined; it is your character and all of the good and bad that you are; it is what makes you human and connects you to other humans who are flawed and imperfect just like you. To be accountable means to have a deep respect for another human being, that you value another human for all that they are. It means others are deserving of civility, and civility divides us from being wild animals and into human beings.

When we ignore taking the step to communicate, and let things go to the wayside we are a cowardly people not choosing to face reality. What respect do we deserve when we bury our heads in the sand and imagine the dream to wish away reality as it actually exists? Society will come crashing down when we have all collectively decided that we wish to live in “good vibes” only, and not address anything else except the fantasy world we want to create to make things ‘easy.’

What trust or loyalty can exist in a society that all agrees to just look away at dysfunction? Rather than weaken our fragile and offended world, we can choose humility and taking the brave and vulnerable step to be a person of respect. In order to be respected, and respectful; our ego needs to take a backseat so that we can ground ourselves to the situation asking us to communicate.

If you are guilty of this, as most of us have been at one time or another; remember that you can do the right thing even after the fact and address others with great character, responsibility, and respect for your brother and sisterhood of humanity. You can exist grounded to others rather than floating in your own ego bubble of existence.

If you are a victim of ghosting, you have the ability to address others whether it be in person, or over the phone, voicemail or message you have the ability to communicate what you expect setting a boundary of respect for yourself. You lead the way by showing others that you are not a doormat, and expect to be treated with respect.

When we stay accountable; we are living loyal to our actions. When we put the value of others in alignment with the value we have for ourselves we can raise our humanity!

2. Show Empathy

It seems we are always on the go, focused on our lives and what is next. By default we are selfish, since we live in our own body and mind our entire lives. In order for us to have empathy we need to understand that other human beings are living in their own body and mind their whole lives as well, and ask ourself “How do I connect to them emotionally if I cannot truly ever understand them?”

The way we can seek to understand others is to work towards understanding our own emotions and how it connects to our thoughts and actions. Another way to learn empathy is to be present in the moment 100% when you are around other people. Tap into your senses that ground you to the present moment asking:

What do I see around me?

What do I smell?

What do I hear?

What do I feel?

What do I taste?

The above questions are a grounding exercise that connect you to the present moment so that you can be more fully aware than wrapped up in your own existence. When we seek to ways we can connect to others emotionally instead of ways that we find disconnect us, we are utilizing our ability to have empathy.

Many people are aware of how to empathize, but by choice remain emotionally distant. Choosing distance is a form of self-protection and avoid being vulnerable and remain in control. However, choosing to remain distant in order to avoid being vulnerable actually makes you vulnerable to your own self-limiting behavior of self-protection. Either way you are vulnerable whether to your mind or to your heart. Choosing to be vulnerable to others is allowing yourself to flow and be open with your fellow human counterparts whereas shutting off empathy closes you completely off from others.

Control/ Fear versus Nonposession/ Love is our choice when choosing a frequency in which we choose to exist. Both cannot exist together, so freewill allows us a closed or open path one with predictability and another unknown.

Why are we so obsessed with not appearing to be in our ‘feels’ when it is the very thing that makes us all human and unites us! It doesn’t fulfill any desire except control and at the cost of what we all seek so deeply, this contradiction serves no purpose whatsoever. Why be so serious about life and present it as calm and collected? It is anything but, and the real beauty and lovely vulnerability resides in our raw, uncut messy nature. Why pretend to be holier than thou, when underneath we are very much the same? When we empathize we choose to connect, and when we choose to assert our mind over our heart we are choosing to disconnect. Disconnection serves no purpose except self-fulfilling prophecies to their own fear based logic.

We are anything but grown, and always growing. Let us be more vulnerable to the notion that is far more of a reality we can accept which is we are much more alike than we differ, and unite in our imperfect natures rather than divide from one another due to an imagined self-image.

All humans have a masculine and feminine aspect to themselves which is what makes us have different thoughts, actions and behaviors. Living out of alignment of this natural balance will create over-evolved aspects of ourselves and mal-evolved aspects of ourselves. Feminine energy goes within, while masculinity is all about action. We must go within ourselves, to go out and take action. Listening to our own hearts, we can then go out and listen to others hearts. We will raise our humanity by listening to one another and connecting more deeply to our most intricate side of ourselves.

Let’s slow down, connect with our hearts instead of our minds-open up and just be! In that space we can feel WHO we are, WHAT we are, WHY we are, WHERE we are, and WHEN by living in the moment that exists because it is all we have to simply BE.

When we uncover our feelings that connect us to our thoughts and actions we can discover a very deep part of ourselves, and when we take the time to listen and REALLY listen to others we can connect with them, and exist as brothers and sisters of humanity that crave and require this level of connection that really make us who we are.

3. Pay it Forward

Someone recently said something to me, that really made me think in a way that was pretty disturbing and revolutionary “Think about all of human history and how we just TAKE from the earth………. what have we GIVEN to the earth?” It made me realize that we take all the time without any thought of giving in return. In our thoughts, actions, and behaviors in our daily lives inward and outwardly, taking!

When we take from this existence, the natural balance would be to give in return. However, due to tradition of taking in all circumstances we are living blindly under this extreme imbalance quite unknowingly. “Are we giving back on the level we are taking?” Let’s be honest, all of us could take a lot less and give more. Giving back simply feels good, and raises the good vibrations inside of us; it will make us a lot less selfish and a lot more selfless. Taking is a form of control, and when we let go we realize that we don’t really own anything at all.

Whether we want to posses material possessions, or people as possessions, experiences and or anything else we want to hoard in our controlled existence; the minute we let go of everything we are free! What a feeling to be free, and give rather than take.

Paying it forward can take many forms, but gifting another and uplifting each other is the most loving thing we can do. When we gift our time, money, resources, hearts, minds, and spirit, we are tapping into pure love energy.

The quest of never-ending ambition ceases to ever be fulfilled and lives in a cycle of constant forward motion. We raise our humanity when we remain in the NOW, giving it our best effort to share with our brothers and sisters that is a very fulfilling feeling!

Morality increases, as we show value in others by way of our actions of paying good energy forward to the next person who needs it at the time. We propel our humanity in a speedier forward motion of progression than we possibly could alone; because selfless intent is much more freely giving in the universe that our selfish ways towards power could ever be. Energy cannot be acquired; it is neither created or destroyed it simply is.

Do something nice for others that challenges your spirit and faith in the universe. Know that whatever you give and on the scale you do will never go unseen and good energy is rewarded with even greater energy, so give freely and pay it forward!

4. The Boomerang Law

To know that everything that exists is energy, is extremely powerful knowledge. When we see universal laws as they exist, we have the ability to enjoy them in our favor and for the favor of humanity as a whole. We are the energy masters that have ultimate power and direction for our lives, and the lives of others. Common sayings of what I call the Boomerang Law are as follows:

As Above, So Below

You Reap, What You Sow

Your Output, Becomes Your Input

Luck exists only in the realm of energy flow, so ultimately we are responsible for the way our lives are going. It is a hard reality to face that everything in our lives has been deserved of us, by us, for us for eternity. To raise our humanity we must be responsible for what we put out, we will receive tenfold.

Some people do not know they have this power, but test it and you will see for yourself it exists and is real! Some people think they are above this power in the universe and attempt to cheat the system of the universe. Don’t cut corners, because corners will cut you! Every human will be humbled to their knees in the most graceful or disgraceful way imaginable, so it is best to just utilize this logic for the favor of yourself and others.

Universal justice exists and will take care of itself, so the only thing we need to focus on is being our best self possible, because it is the only thing we truly have power over and when we learn to master ourself we can manifest reality in the universe right in front of our eyes.

Whatever we are passionate about is what we attract, so let us produce more self-love and RISING COMPASSION for the world around us and all of humanity.

When you want to make justice happen quicker within your own reality, and you face backlash it is because the right choice is to stand up for the injustice but not with passionate aggression. When we stay in our own humble power, and let go for that which is not within our power we are practicing wisdom and letting our ego go, and our higher spirit which is guiding us for the greater good to lead the way, which inevitably is the easiest path we can take-even if it doesn’t seem easy at the time. The universe has a way of correcting itself, and if we learn to listen and give that which we wish to exist we get more of that thing!

Rather than be stunted by our circumstance with repeated cycles in our life we can break the boomerang law but giving power that which we want to be more powerful and let go of that which we wish to become weakened. We grow our humanity by surpassing lessons we need to learn and growing from that in new ways we have evolved.

Treating others the way we wish to be treated the golden rule, universally loved by all and we can keep it in power by allowing ourselves to give from our hearts, rather than our minds. Raise our humanity by giving that which you wish to receive.

5. Change Your Unseen Actions

What do we think of ourselves? What do others think of us? The Japanese have a popular proverb,

“We have 3 faces, the 1st face we show the world, the 2nd face we show our friends and family, and the 3rd face we never show anyone.”

I believe it is within that 3rd face (the one we never show anyone) that we can truly face our shadow spirit and turn it to the light and align from 3 faces into one authentic one!

We all have unseen actions, thoughts, and feelings that will never be revealed or expressed but hidden below the surface a darkness that we can call a friend that is always there with us and serves a higher calling for our growth. There is a reason we are different alone than with anyone in the world, in words that cannot be spoken but only understood with deep meditative thought. Call it our moral guide and compass into who we are in our deepest spirit; the voice that exists within us waiting to be heard. If we listen closely we can see that it is asking us something…

The greatest things we can imagine that exist in our reality all began from the unseen imaginative mind before it was manifested and seen in the world. Manifesting this great power within, we have the ability to raise our humanity from our own mind! Our mind produces a high frequency of electricity that will be an output of energy in the world on a very powerful scale- so it is necessary to be mindful of our unseen self and observe with great silence the voice within that speaks to us.

When we hear the script of our narrative written to us, by us, and for us-we can hear who we really are and connect with that voice in order to change the parts of ourselves that need changing. Our unseen actions are separate from the side of ourselves that we show the world. I believe that when we can align our 3 faces, we can exist in PURE undivided energy. This highest form of self seeks to exist in raw authentic power! We have the ability to choose fear or love in everything we do and choosing love brings us closer to our highest self aligned with our greatest good for ourself and others. If we learn to listen to where our inner thoughts, actions and feelings exist then we can transform for the better.

We do a great justice for our spirit by being ourselves in the fullness that we are in every aspect of our lives, raw, uncut and real. When we become more solid in our whole selves, we allow others to feel love instead of fear around our energy so they an be their whole selves as well.

Too much of the time we are divided from who we are, so how do we expect to be in unity with others, when we are not even within unity within our own being? We can raise our humanity by being whole within and aligning ourselves with greater unity that we are. A great question to ask is “Why am I not showing this side of who I am, and what fear is it attached to?” Letting go of all fears is the ultimate form of freedom and peace, and vibing in the highest frequency called Love!

6. Reflect

When we are thinking ahead, and behind we have no time to exist now. I know all too well about the aspect of growth that only happens with self-reflection mostly because I never did it! For whatever the reason whether you do not want to face certain truths, you don’t have practice reflecting, or you just think forward instead of behind all the ways hinder self-growth.

Reflecting on a regular basis is a mental exercise that makes us healthier and happier human beings. We raise our humanity when we connect the dots and analyze things in a way that are not circular but pointed as a guide to a purposeful reason, even if the reason is not yet revealed. Things really do come full circle and some things only make sense in hindsight.

I have a friend who allowed me to read his diary/journal (very surprising) because mine has always been filled with a lot of darkness. He did it as a practice of regular enlightenment. His inner experiences were all focused on positivity and told me something he does daily in each moment where he asks himself

“What is this person/experience teaching me or asking me to learn in this moment?”

Great gratitude comes with regular reflection, and grounds us to the moment that we have existing right in front of us. We can learn in every way, if we just open our senses to seeing the direct and indirect signs that are looking to guide our direction in the way we need to go in our lives.

Life is not all about depth, and there is plenty of superficial happenings that exist because they are just needed as well. While it is not always good to remain in our cerebral thinking 100% of the time, it points us one step closer to a connection to the big questions in our life

“Why is this in my life, and how does it connect to my higher learning?”

We have great purpose, as does everyone else in humanity – it is what binds us together; as the evolved animal species we are. Defining a greater purpose for ourselves is really satisfactory because it makes us have great gratitude for every miraculous moment we are so lucky to be a part of on this planet, in this life that we have right in front of us. It makes it light, joyful and airy and reminds us that it isn’t all so serious! Let’s laugh, play and enjoy all that is and see that there is always great meaning but it doesn’t have to be so sage-like but rather a fun exploration of the puzzle pieces that are thrown our way along this epic journey we have together. We can rise our humanity for ourselves, and when we do this the RISING COMPASSION for the world grows tenfold!

10 Ways to Self-Forgiveness

Compassion exudes our concern for others, and the element that binds us together as human beings. It can be difficult to be compassionate towards others if we do not have self-compassion. Living in a society where filters start with our images, pause with our speech, and end in our thoughts. It is not a wonder to see why we cannot connect with one another when we stunt ourselves from being our truest expression.

Self-forgiveness starts with ourself, but how do we connect with ourself, when we’ve been looking through the rose-filled glasses? When we alter reality from existing as is, we morph it into our own version that suits us best. What we really end up doing is altering our vision, but our unseen part of ourselves known as the subconscious.

Carl Jung proposed a famous psychological idea that the unknown side of us which can be called the “shadow self” has been disowned by our own ego, as it contains parts of our identity that we dislike. How can we become a more whole human being, when we fragment ourself in the fullness of who we are? Many adults, think back to their childhood with faint memories of how they were in the fullest expression of themselves. We are conditioned into this repression of self at an early age, and by adulthood many people can’t even remember the full freedom of who they were. We live in a world of imposed structures and systems, where even our own brain limits our understanding due to an information overload that exists on a quantum level.

You may say gee, where do we go from here when everything has been working against us; including ourselves?! Whatever the reason why you need self-forgiveness whether it be past or present situations that were direct or indirect, facing them is the best choice you can make for your life! Freeing yourself is self-love, and when you love yourself a little more, you can show the world more love and live a more compassionate life.

RISING COMPASSION for our world starts a little closer to home where we look in the mirror see ourselves and our world a little more true north. Let’s work with the lemons we’ve been given, or maybe we are made of limes; but no matter what-we are we are the same fruit of humanity trying to progress and evolve every step of our journey.

I will explain 10 ways that have worked for me towards my own personal journey towards uncovering my shadow side, self-forgiveness, and healing.

  1. Reminding Yourself That We All Are Imperfect

I grew up in my older adolescent years under a home where high expectations were the rule, and quickly adopted the notion of perfectionism into my life. It has taken me years, but nothing was greater than understanding that none of us actually IS perfect. Sometimes we worry about the expectations of family, friends, school or work but it comes from a mindset of comparison. The common denominator in all of the varying situations is the face that we are all growing and evolving moment by moment and day by day.

Why worry about where we fit, or proving ourselves?

We cannot live for the expectations of others, or even ourselves because it focuses on perspectives and that is not something concrete. All we can do is try the best we can, in the power we have and whether that is good enough for ourselves or others we can live in a mindset of accomplishment that we truly are doing what we can. I sometimes hear people say “Sorry, my house is messy-please excuse it” among many other excuses, or apologies so that another human being may feel put at ease from their judgements. The funny thing is we actually make people more aware of our faux paux when we do this, and we do not actually change the way people are thinking regardless of doing this or not. Perhaps, it is an apology to ourself because we haven’t lived up to our own expectations.

I believe that living in a 1st world nation we look for problems that don’t really exist, and having a healthy perspective really does away with any perfectionist philosophy. We could have much poorer health, or not have access to water-and if real problems existed we wouldn’t be looking at the comfort of others, because we would be more interested in survival. This new idea of survival is self-imposed by our society that holds each other to ranking, and the problem with that is that none of our going to get out of this world alive. We won’t be able to take any of this material world with us, and when we remind ourselves of the fleeting existence it puts light on the perspective that high expectations of any kind are truly futile in the long-term.

Knowing that everything is temporary, makes us appreciate all the good and even the bad in our lives knowing that one day it will all be gone. Gratitude shows us a more laid-back mentality that no matter what, we can find the good in anything! Let’s shift!

2. Living for NOW (The Past and Future Live Elsewhere in Time)

The past comes crawling in to remind us of where we have been, and sometimes it isn’t always a good thought. The future begs for us to make moves now, and thinking of it can even cause paralysis of the mind of the great triumph that needs to exist to get there. Reflection is good to learn, grow, and discover facets of ourself that we may not have been aware of when the past WAS our present. Projecting into the future with present plans and actions is great in order to accomplish and become our best version of ourselves. Thinking heavily in any extreme can cause fantasy of the mind that put feelings into existence that may have not otherwise existed in our present. Zen Buddhism is fast becoming a trend with our information overloaded society we are all looking for an outlet to get ourselves back into the NOW.

We cannot be who we were, or be who we think we are going to be because all we have IS now. We are exactly where we need to be at this time, and connecting to it in that empty space makes us feel alive! Adult life can become so busy that we don’t just simply exist. We seem to always be doing something, and will our time constantly filled it can make it very hard to live in the now.

Meditation is the quickest way to get us out of our monkey brain that has been proven to be quite circular in thinking. It is said that roughly 80% of our thoughts are negative, and 95% of our thoughts are repetitive. Thinking up to 60,000 thoughts a day as you can imagine could be quite the mental, physical, and emotional exhaust if the wiring is off circuit.

It can get overwhelming to even think to meditate in today’s world, and the varying types of meditation. There is guided meditation, binaural beats that send the brain into frequency meditation, silent, or focused. I find that all meditation suggests something that not all people can or even want to do, and that’s make time away from your time in order to do this-myself included.

I personally think that meditation can be done anywhere, at any time, and does not necessarily need to be done with the above suggestions. What I am talking about is teaching our mind to become detached! When a thought circulates whether you are working, running, or sitting create or listen to a voice that says “Let go, (your name)!” If that is too difficult, and you find yourself focusing even more on the thought then choose a trick for your mind which is to redirect. Have a bank of thoughts you DO want to redirect your focused energy to and watch as you slowly begin to change your mind.

It is really powerful to know that we are literally made up of energy. We all know this is scientifically proven, and a cool experiment is when we touch our hand on a fuzzy radio or television receptor and find that our own body’s electrical energy improved the quality! It is easy to forget how powerful we really are, and it all begins in our mind.

We can only be who we are right now in this very moment, and we have the ability to transform the past and future with how we think right now which thereby can alter our body, and soul. Get in the NOW to be your fullest self possible.

3. Compare Yourself Gently

Let’s be real, competition is natural; look in the world and you will find this a natural order in the animal and plant word alike. It’s no wonder it’s a part of our very nature, and as much as we have a liking or disliking; it is here to stay. Can we really blame ourselves the need to discuss all the other bullet points in the article I’m writing since we all know that competition is very real? Not only do we compare ourselves to ourself, but we compare ourselves to others as well. I wonder if our child-self would approve of the adult version of who we’ve become? You hear the stories of how people have gone so far from their truest natures because of this very point alone. We learn to adapt, change, and grow whether it be good or bad in order to survive, thrive in this drive we are all on this journey we call life.

We are usually comparing ourselves to ourself or to others because we are not currently content with our reality as it exists. Change can happen fast or slow, but it seems to always exist in persistence. Whether we are open or closed to change, the better we adapt to changes the more opens up in general. Sometimes in our life it seems we are closed off to any changes and it can feel that our reality is going to exist forever. Cycles exist for our growth, and when things repeat it is a barometer for testing whether we want to continue on with our current reality or if we are ready for the next level, to climb one stair higher on our journey. When we are ready, and say “No” to those things we do not want to exist in our reality we are saying “Yes” to something else called the unknown.

We have the ability for changes in these cyclical patterns, and can supersede this matrix of thought by tapping into one of the oldest universal laws known as the Law of Attraction. By actively thinking of who we want to be, where we want to be, why we want to be, what we want to be we decide the WHEN, when we answer those questions in very specific thought patterns and action-oriented energy as though it already exists.

A practical view we can have about comparison is that it exists for a reason! It is asking for a change, but sometimes we always seek change and perhaps we also need to teach ourselves to be content where we are no matter where that is; only we know whether we need to change, want to change, or must learn that rather to change, we need to be content with the right now. The answer will be different for each of us, but we can all look outside of ourself within to see where which is the answer for our own life.

We must think about where our decisions come from and to what we living for, or rather worshipping? Where we place our time is what we unknowingly or knowingly “worship” and we must think about if it is aligned with our highest selves? What do we value, and does our external life support that? Where did these values originate and what purpose does it seek? When we compare ourselves to ourself or others, which voice is speaking to us and what version of “you” is the one speaking?

It is equally important to find gratitude in who you are and be gentle with all of the facets of you that exist; flawed and all- as it is equally important to grow and evolve from your past self into your current self and future with purpose living by your highest valued free-thinking voice that speaks from within.

4. Free Yourself from Attachment

I recently met someone who had an interesting philosophy in life, they shared that when they become dependent on something they switch it up because they don’t like that they have become dependent to the thought, feeling, activity, or thing. I usually hear people talking about this when it comes to bad things, but not good! What a great philosophy of thought. When we remove ourself from the attachment of dependency we not only give our best selves, but we don’t give ourself the luxury of complacency.

Growing gratitude is a daily activity that creates neutrality that is truly uplifting! When we start thinking in a more neutral thought process towards what we feel most connected to, we actually open ourself up to more possibilities and opportunities in our life since we are not living in a locked energetic pattern which begins in our mind. Imagine we observe our pasts but don’t attach it to our identity. Imagine we observe our present but don’t attach it to our identity. Life will become much easier, more free, and open when we don’t attach, because it begins to weigh down our identity.

Why do we attach? Because it gives us purpose, value, and connection. We WANT to feel connected, otherwise it would be a scary thought to be a free-flowing being connected to nothing grounded to none of it. However, thinking in a way that is more detached is healthier to our ego and brings us back to our truest self which is that child-like spirit. Truth be told that we cannot take any of this with us, so we do not need to walk around life with heavy baggage that we have been taking everywhere that we go. I’m not saying be detached in the sense of complete disconnection, because that would cause a LOT of problems in life with that sole way of thinking. I am more speaking of the idea that no matter what is in or out of your life, you will be okay and find a sense of contentment regardless.

Things work out, and sometimes they don’t. We have people in our lives, then sometimes we don’t. Wealth may come, and wealth may go along our journey. A healthy detachment to circumstance allows us to live in a creative space of the unknown that seems to scare many of us out of our minds. Take notice to the chaos that exists naturally such as that of a forrest; it has branches and twigs everywhere, leaves intertwined everywhere, broken and dead objects and life and growth. Chaos is the natural order in the universe, and we humans seek control; taking wood from trees carving it in such a way for pristine wood flooring, cabinetry, and the furniture that exists in structural aesthetic that is a more pleasing, costly versions of the natural versions we see in nature or so we tell ourselves.

Control is what we seek to feel comfort, it stems into the various attachments that we call “life” and when we let go of this control, and realize that we have very little control at all we can be more free, happy, and content to know that we may have it all or nothing at all and everything is going to be okay, and even if it isn’t; it still is!

5. Negative Emotions Exist to Help

Believe it or not anger and sadness are just a few negative emotions that people don’t want to talk about, but these emotions are a healthy barometer on what our inner self is asking us! When negative emotions arise we live in such a society that if you experience any emotions on the darker end of the spectrum they are to be silenced, disguised, or suppressed in a way that society finds “more acceptable.” For much of my life, I too have felt progressively worse in negative emotions due to the nature of our world.

It is actually pretty unhealthy when we turn our cheek to these emotions and say that humans are healthy when they are happy, that too is simply an emotion! Why do we choose to focus on “good vibes” only when we have ALL the vibes? They are all equally important and having more or less of some does not make anyone healthier or less unhealthy, better or worse in my opinion. When we form these attachments and judge them we are only experiencing a quarter of the emotion and what is really below the surface. Even happiness has a darker side which most people don’t care to uncover.

When we listen to our emotions it is asking us something, and in particular our negative ones are saying it’s time to change! It could even be a warning to our soul! This in turn is actually very positive and we are lucky to have such emotions to let us know that something else is going on that we need to pay attention a little more closely. Whether we are discontent, misaligned, or in danger to our health, if we ask ourselves why we feel the way we do, and go down the rabbit hole, we will uncover their is much more than meets the eye on the other side.

I meet a lot of people who are fearful of this one in particular, but if we can accept this nature in ourselves that we all are imperfect and all experience this end of the spectrum, it makes it actually a lot more normal to understand that it is a guiding factor more so than an attack on our very fragile and deluded identity.

Anger is a great motivator, sadness brings empathy, and fear asks for some specific action. Let us listen more from the outside in, rather than the inside out as we are little too close to the project of this body that confuses ego and soul so easily. It’s not only okay to have negative emotions, but it makes us human and we are lucky for these signals to call us to something more!

6. Positive Affirmations

We are made of mostly water, and water is known to not only hold memories, but do a whole lot more like transform into several forms that either create or destroy the planet. If we look at the powerful nature of water, we can see what power we have within! Speaking of nature, and the animal kingdom it only takes a quick trip to a park or a trail hike to notice that animals are on guard for their very survival of the fittest in the truest sense. We too are animals, evolved at the top of the food chain still with the instinct of survival of the fittest. Why then do we think so many negative thoughts as discussed in point number 2 Living for the Now (The Past and Future Live Elsewhere in Time). I like to remind myself that I am still an animal, and it seems we are all in other forms or other thinking about survival when we boil down all human actions and thought to as Einstein says is either Fear or Love, and the best mode we can to “survive” or rather thrive.

Our default is judgement and judgement is negative, closed off and how we control in our minds and understand our world. We literally lie to ourselves in our mind, because this world exists with an information overload more than our brains can handle so it tells us something OTHER than what actually exists. If we know that we are already doing this is in nature, we can also know that we have an immense power to drastically change our reality in whatever way we so desire. People know about the six degrees of separation, and about the 12 laws of the universe that give us the power to use to our advantage as alchemy masters of our own reality!

Start by honing into your power by speaking affirmations into existence. The Law of Vibration will tune you into the frequency that you are, so be that what you wish and you will get more of it, and as much as your heart, mind, body and soul can handle. If you don’t think you are so great at something, say that you are! Believe it without a doubt, because fear and love cannot coexist and we must choose in every thought we have.

We all learn in different ways and we all have different motivators. Only you know you best, so the best thing to do for yourself is to be your own cheerleader in the language that speaks to your soul. Are you better at listening to words that you wrote, or spoke outloud, or recorded and listened to them? All are equally powerful, and if you can do all 3 then you’re on your way to manifesting anything, anyone, etc.

This world is truly infinite and time is manmade, when we remember that we really are supremely powerful, we can start small and see with our own eyes the miracles that will begin, and snowball into miracles upon miracles down a hill of ease rolling into the next moment with wind in our hair and sun shining down on us, peace and bounty filled!

7. Build Your Tribe

The Southern saying “Get in where you fit in,” yeah it’s real and couldn’t be more true. If you feel misaligned where you are, you really might be! I had to move out of state to find my tribe, but that doesn’t mean you can do that nor want to do something drastic in your life as a move across the country. It may not even mean your tribe is with the people around you, but something else in this world; regardless we all have a need to feel validated and accepted for who we are!

You don’t always need others, and in the adult world where loneliness is a real feeling that we can all connect with; we may not ever feel we fully fit anywhere and I truly feel that too. It’s because we have a higher feeling than this world, and even ourselves because we came to this world with a body but we are much more, and all of our 5 senses tell us that we need more and so must become that to feel truly satisfied.

We want to belong, somewhere, anywhere, everywhere. We want to be valued, with purpose and drive. Some people claim they are fine without this, but deep down we all have a sense of this even if it is ever so slight. We are social beings and we came forth with great power in unity rather than isolation and just like animals that are poorly socialized we too can become dysfunctional from our nature when we don’t feed ourselves that which we require for health and happiness. Community is important to us, and even myself who leans more on the hermit spectrum requires some sense of community.

The great thing about living in a connected world by the internet is the amazing opportunity to connect with others that have never been possible by previous generations!! I truly believe that every human being on this planet is highly valued, and has gifts that they were created to give for this world and it makes me feel called to do something about this when I see so many of us just living and not able to give of our highest selves the legacy to the world that is in our soul.

There are groups online, and offline and if not you are able to CREATE them. “If you build it, he will come (or they for that matter!)” I am really excited to know how many unique people can thrive if their is just one person to face their fear and be the leader for those just like them, looking and searching for their tribe of people just like them. The reason we feel disconnected if we are especially different is because of the news and media throughout societies of the world that are selling us the idea and non-reality of a homogenized existence of muted human beings that are domesticated to their true selves!

Let us be wild, free, unique and filled with purpose and value again to offer this world in our own ways that speak to our individual souls calling. There are so many resources that we have access to, to build aspects of ourself so that we can connect to others who really need to connect, that kind of power together in our individual groups truly is unity in diversity.

Remember that you are you for a reason, and there is no other blueprint on this earth quite like you. Each fingerprint different, like the aspects of your personality embrace it all and watch as collectively we all start becoming our more real selves.

8. Be a Stoic Rock

No matter the good and bad, the ups and the downs, one thing remains is you the constant source of the you that exists on this planet. Stoicism has gotten a bad reputation for being the removed assholes of society like a stiff rock no matter what the occasion. Stoicism is such a prevalent aspect of my life, that I even have a tattoo on my forearm to remind me of how great it really is to think in such a philosophy.

I think of it as a very positive aspect to remain a rock. Whether you are weathered by the water that washes you, cracks you from the heat of the earth, you still remain what you are a rock, steady in the mode of who you are. Nothing can truly break you, make you, or take you from who you are! Very simply, it means that no matter what hardship you endure their is no complaint about it just picking up that broken axle wheel, taping it on your car the best you can (in my case since I can’t fix cars) and going along your journey with the sun shining out your ass.

One day I was at work on 3 hours of sleep, and a coworker looked at me and asked me how I was and said “I’m tired, but gonna get a coffee and wake up.” She then started to complain to me that she wished she had an extra hour of sleep, by which I told her I had only 3. She was amazed I wasn’t complaining to everyone around me, and I was even smiling. I don’t really see a point of dumping out any of my garbage on others, especially if the purpose has no purpose at all.

I’m not saying to never complain, maybe that’s what people think of stoics is that they have zero complaints at all. Sometimes we NEED to complain for our voices to be heard, and not silenced but in that mode we are not complaining but expressing ourself with purpose if we do offer a solution or seek a solution. I think if we all change our perception to a more stoic outlook we will have LESS to complain about knowing how much worse anything could be at any time, and the non-effective lower-thinking ways of expressing complaint for the sake of complaint.

I believe we are all MUCH stronger than we think we are, and it all begins in the mind. I didn’t think to myself “Oh, no I have only 3 hours a day how will I get through it,” I did think in this way “I got 3 hours of sleep.” When we see things more matter of factly rather than a personal attack on our lives we are choosing to be more neutral and much more productive and content with our lives and can give to others instead of take!

9. Get Out of Your Mind


The only thing we know how to do is be inside of ourselves because it’s where we were born, exist and die-we know no other reality unless their are shape shifters out there that I’m highly unaware of, which may very well be a possibility since I think anything is possible. We are pretty bias then, to our life because it’s all we really know-language is meek way of attempting to be understood when no human can TRULY understand you due to the nature that we all live within ourselves.

Our original language before language was telepathy, which is pretty cool but we are not there anymore except maybe a handful of people or select moments in our live or in the case of mothers and children to name a few examples. We understand our world by our language in which we think in the culture that exists around us, or that we were raised in speaking to our consciousness with this collective consciousness.

Sometimes we have become so us, we don’t even know who we are! What I mean by that is that, our language and culture speak to us in a platform we shape to form understanding of all that exists circulating in our mind in the thoughts that repeat in our heads of not only and understanding of the world around us, but understanding of ourselves and who we all really are. Whether we feel solid in our identity, or lost we still only exist to ourselves IN ourselves. Identity is an inside job from the outside in, or rather inside out as some parents believe we are pre-written beings.

To uncover our identity further, and forgive the aspects of ourself that we do not like we can step outside ourselves to see the world as is without ourselves mixing things up. Taking time to observe with out thought, feelings, or emotions with as little judgement as possible allows us to view our world in a way that is more neutral and not filled with control. When we can view our world in a more neutral way we have stepped outside of ourselves, detached from our identity and in that space we can understand others and when we understand and listen to others we can listen to ourselves and see more of who we really are.

Stepping outside of ourself, allows us to forgive our shortcomings, and see ourself from a perception of who we are based on our actions, and from a more neutral space can we see where we need growth the most.

10. Give of Yourself

What better gift is there than to give of yourself? We are both givers and takers, and both are necessary to not live on either spectrum of extremes and live a balanced life. Societies that place so much pressure on individualism can make it appear that we live on an island, paddling the boat with the two oars in our hand alone. When you give, it is a message to the universe that you are helping open a door for another person that was not opened before no matter if you help them with money, time, gifts, or other.

Not only does it feel to open a door for another person but the laws of the universe also understand the kind intent and will open a door for you! We really do uplift our lives by uplifting others. The same token is said that when we take from others, or take away; what we are really doing is taking away from ourselves in the long haul. Although a temporary existence, who wouldn’t want to leave a good legacy on the earth!

Sometimes we are all so focused on self-help/self-growth that all of this can happen in a very strong way by connecting more, giving of ourselves more, and doing those things that exist in our mind. I think that most people that strive towards self-help want to be not only better for themselves, and have health, wealth, and happiness but they want that for others too.

How can we grow ourselves but not give to others, would be a pretty selfish existence; this is something I have been realizing in my own journey of self-help. We can focus on ourselves as much as we want, but what good will it do if we don’t give to others what we are attempting to give to ourselves? I compare it to the idea of people thinking they are a good Christian, but don’t act that way towards others.

We can have a rosy view of ourselves, and appreciate our own self-growth but have we really grown when we do not share with others, or help others, or give in some realm to others? Forgiveness starts with ourself so that we can forgive others which leads to our self-love and RISING COMPASSION for others in the world. Uncovering our shadow side, and accepting others for their sides is the best gift you can give someone, you are saying “I love you unconditionally” and in that you will find great healing.

Self-love, grows to outward love, where accepting ourselves is accepting others and healing culminates when we can give to others so that they too can lead along a path of the same domino effect that will encompass the hearts of the world in the most beautiful way!


Hi reader!

I’m really excited you decided to visit https://risingcompassion.com/. I have always wanted to start a blog, after a few meek attempts, I am happy to say that I’ve found my niche. I could post on social media only, or make a youtube channel only, or even do a radio podcast alone, but creating a blog is the most important element in my entire plan. I’ve always been much more skilled and comfortable to express myself through writing than any other medium, and I’m really excited to share my voice with my wonderful readers.

My goal is to create a space that not only connects like-minded thinkers, but one that will really bring about positive change in the world. I’m an advocate for justice in the world, and want to bring awareness by way of solutions that produce actions on issues that aren’t really being discussed in the world in the way I have been thinking about them for a very long time.

I’m basically a HUGE nerd, and research is the greatest fulfilling hobby of all! I love to learn as much as I possibly can, and absorb it in a way that not not only helps me understand myself, but my world as a whole, because I really believe knowledge is power. I really am an advocate of personal power, and personal responsibility and it is something I am constantly working on in my own journey!

Some topics that really interest me to talk about are spirituality, self-help, health, minimalism, philosophy, history, science, technology, culture, and anything else that brings meaning to the cause of Self-Love and awareness that help others find their voice towards my dream of RISING COMPASSION in the world!

Feel free to check in my new and upcoming blog as I start to add social media links to connect in other ways, youtube, and my podcast and other resources to inspire and give you the tools to make a difference!