A Non-Creed Life Will Set You Free

When I heard my father say “I have a non-credo, credo.” I thought of how many people would be able to find hypocrisy in his words, similar to a person expressing they’ve adopted a non-conformist lifestyle, which is a form of conformity. It didn’t really make sense to me, until I thought how MUCH sense it really makes and now I’ve adopted this methodology.

Jump out of a plane and skydive.Bunjee jump. Fly a plane. Scubadive. Climb Mt. Everest. You will be one of the few humans that has accomplished something rare. Do a 30 day callenge. Learn a new skill. Hit a goal. Earn an accomplishment. You will still be one of the few humans that has completed that particular challenge, skill, goal or accomplishment. 

But one of the most rare qualities to have as a human is not to be a hypocrite. Who are you? Who are you claiming to be in the world? Who are you, REALLY? Do you know you aren’t who you claim to be? That’s because none of us are, we are not who we represent even the most genuine person in the world cannot live up to the 100% representation of themselves to the world.

That’s because we are always evolving, or maladapting. Things are constantly changing and so we are constantly adaptive. We are not a constant, and if we were we would then be a robot. It’s why you hear stories of people becoming “out of character,” or having a “midlife crisis,” and the ultimate that people really despise..losing your humanity altogether; it is a universally hated concept to lose your humanity completely and unleash unto complete darkness and lack of consciousness through sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies. 

Is it not hypocritical to have hate for anyone? Expressing yourself in inhumane way towards those that have lost their humanity? Hating someone for their actions, when you yourself have acted less than correct in your life. What about hatred for someone different than you, when you are in fact different from them, is this not hypocrisy? What makes something better than the other? What makes things worse than another? Even though societies have adopted universal love and hate for different things, from a higher perspective who has decided this? When you analyze every situation or person you will find why anything and everything is both good and bad in the same. There is no good or bad, it doesn’t exist. Only to the attachment we have assigned to it by our human logic and supposed humanity. When we look deeper…what humanity have we, really? We are much more inhumane than we like to pretend to be. 

There are only two forms of thought and behavior; fear and love; and I have yet to meet one human on the earth that lives in the vibration of love at all times; if they did…I believe they would transcend from this dualistic planet into some other consciousness that we cannot even wrap our simplistic minds around. The reality is when we pluck the plank out of our own eye, we can all agree that below the surface of anything we all have the same tendencies living in a dualistic world, making the choices with what has been given by nature, and decisions with how we nurture or destroy this experience. Above all, we are not the puppet master to this whole paradigm of reality; nor use all of our brain power-so we must always exude humility that everything is beyond our understanding despite what we have been programmed to believe. Anything is possible, and everything is in question on the planet in this lifetime and there will be no solid answers so it is better for us all to stay in our lane by assuming the role of humility over justice, judgment, or holier than thou attitudes.  

I have always said that everything here is good, and if it’s not or we don’t like it; the blame is not the fault of another human but in ourselves as a piece of the whole. The bit of the larger collective consciousness that we are creating in every moment of thought, behavior, and action. Alot of people will tell me that is a disturbing thought to have to say that everything is good, especially with hot topics or destructive time periods; but how can we know how things would have turned out differently? I like to imagine an unknown energy working in mysterious ways that is far beyond our understanding. In order to not live a defeatist life, by the ludacris expectation of a perfect life in ourselves and others (according to our own ego) we will live more at peace with a perspective that is more real.

Hypocrisy in short are our actions that don’t mirror our voiced ethics. A way to live a “non-credo, credo” life means that you have adopted a new perspective in your life that that is a non-belief/belief or non-foundation/foundation, or non-ethics/ethic” Everyone has 3 parts of them as Sigmund Freud says; The Id, Ego, and Super-Ego. The Id (lower-self) represents our animalistic nature, and our super-ego is the moralizing beliefs (higher-self), our ego is like that picture in the cartoons with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other; helping us decide the correct choice. We need to ask ourself who the ego really is, who is that voice speaking to us, because it isn’t us. US is the soul, and the ego is speaking to it determining whether or not to act animalistic and our lower-self or choose to act in a higher vibration. The real dilemma is not knowing our own voice who we are and who exactly the ego is talking to when it help us to decide. 

The reason I have a Stoicism tattoo on my Right inner forearm is because I prescribe deeply to the ideology to remain neutral to the vicissitudes (changes) of fortune, pleasure or pain. Your soul is your heartspeak, and your voice is the vehicle you choose to express it to the world. Regardless of the changes around you: ups/downs, ills/wells, right/wrongs holding things in extremes versus neutrality takes us away from our real humanity. Our truest expression of humanity and to live a life of RISING COMPASSION is to exist and live in the PRESENT moment as the unadulterated essence that it objectively is-versus living in our ID (animalistic side), Super-Ego (higher-self), and Ego (Smooth Talkin Angel/Demon). 

So, how can we choose to not live in hypocrisy; when we cannot be “perfect?” How can we live a “non-creed” life to set us free? 

Exist in the moment. Be fully present. Ground yourself to understanding what is happening mechanically behind the scenes of your mind, body and soul in all the duality and dexterity of deceit that presents itself to YOU..the REAL YOU, the VOICE WITHIN, the one UNSPOKEN, the silent one that NOBODY SEES and many times..not even you.

In silence, we hear. So let’s not make high claims about ourselves, our desires, our wants, our life. It is imaginary, and an attachment to a fictious world that we created. The purest way we can exist is to adopt a Zen Buddhist philosophy and Taoist mentality of living. 

We must be mindful of what we ingest in form of energy in our mind, body, soul and be aware of what is being fed within and external. Hunger for your real voice, and who that really is. 

Patterns are how we make sense of our world, and our brain is constantly working to make sense of that which is seen, let along all that goes unseen to help us not become overwhelmed of all that the world actually is at it really exists. These patterns or algorithms are where we start to try and figure out the puzzle that has been handed to each of us individually. Some of us hate puzzles, so we don’t learn. Some of us don’t understand the puzzle. While others are puzzle masters and are still perplexed at some point in their life when the pattern/puzzle/algorithm does not fit and shows itself in a way never seen before. Patterns have a way of changing and languages have discrepancies that don’t align. How many times have you been in awe (good or bad) of the actions of another? What about in yourself? Even if we think we have achieved the most understanding aka we are experts or holiest, etc. etc. (puzzle masters or ones with the highest ego “best smooth talker of the year”) we will be surprised when something happens unexpectedly.

If you think you have things all figured out, you don’t. None of us do, and that’s really what unites us! Our lack of real understanding or what everything really means, why, and the purpose. 

Language is the best way we can attempt to put meaning to our thoughts in a way that others can understand, and since language can easily be misinterpreted it’s no wonder there is so much chaos in the world. One of the first languages was made through pictures such as the Hieroglyphs, and ironically enough now we communicate through emojis aka newage hieroglyphs making communication even more flawed. 

Before man-made languages we had non-verbal language, and telepathy. This is the original language of man. Think of the man-made languages (hieroglyph, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin) regardless of the roots they are manmade. When we tap into telepathy we can live more by intuition where there is no need for conscious reason. Makes for a quiet and simpler life! One that is more neutral, at peace and properly guided. 

We grow our intuition by what we ingest in our 5 senses, as it creates our physical world and what energy is allowed versus disallowed. 

Here are a few mantras I say to correct myself to hear my real voice versus any other voice speaking to me in my mind!! (Id=animal, ego=smooth-talking survivalist, and super-ego=highest self) 

The Japanese say “You have three faces; the first face is the one you show to the world, the second face is one you show to closest family and friends, and the third is the face you don’t show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.” This is the VOICE of who you are, let us always be on a journey to uncover it by dissecting all the garbage we have collected in our nature (karma, dna, etc. ) and constant nurture (id, ego, superego experiential life). 

Our voice is the most powerful of all, if we train it and constantly prod it a little deeper to let it bleed out all the lies. 

Here are some sayings to ask yourself or say in order to do a daily purge… to bleed out the garbage that has collected on top of “You” which makes “You” a very subjective concept. Living more neutral is a balanced way of thought, like a balanced diet we need to remain as centered as possible by understanding our foundation can and should be changed and adjusted regularly. 

  1. Silence is more accountable than voice
  2. Labels are for products, not people
  3. Make no claims, live free
  4.  Understanding will never be understood
  5.  The only constant, is change
  6. Reality is your perception
  7. You can have loosely held, strong opinions
  8. Morality is elusive
  9. Instant gratification appeases our inner mediocrity
  10. Pride comes from fear
  11. Judgment is limited to your experience only
  12. Mental dominance, makes you unstoppable
  13. You cannot act in fear or love at the same time
  14. Mental, emotional, and spritual limitations either outwardly or self-imposed hinder your growth. 

Having a voracious appetite to stay open, unlimited, boundless beings with a bird’s eye view of our own life and the world around us help us to have these loosely held strong opinions that make up our belief system. What we know about the world is that creation and destruction have always been a part of it and cannot exist without going hand in hand. 

We can make it our creed as humanity to prescribe to every way possible to continuously reach for RISING COMPASSION and it begins in our own minds. Like Bob Marley says, we must “Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.” We have a strong power given to us, one that we have yet to master as one individual and as humanity. We know that because history has changed the details but not the problems. Living in a Zen-like, neutral, balanced way that helps us understand our world and our own identity and voice will help us understand the voice of others and the world around us. 

Whether every human becomes isolated or not, nobody can take away the deeper energy we all have together that unites all of us together as a humanity. Self-work is the hardest thing we can ever do in this entire life, and it is difficult enough to understand ourselves let alone the world at large. Let’s be a little more humble, a little more understanding, and a little more centered. Choose to connect with others regardless of everything because one person has the power to change the world.

Published by Gina di Caro

Italian/German American woman, raised in the Midwest with a Japanese diet with a hippie free-thinking family who are entrepreneurs that accomplished the American dream! Texan implant, Massage Therapist of 10 years with a hell of a lot of tattoos on my body. Space cadet of the century, I'm all over the place with passion filled enough to run a million marathons without stopping. I'm on a legacy rampage to speak with a strong voice and teach others to do so too, so we can all listen more to ourselves and live our highest calling in this life. Let's share our journey with others so that we become a connected entity of people, ready for anything and all!

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