Making Better Decisions

What’s behind the door may be the very thing that will give us ultimate freedom. Why are we afraid to take the chance of our lifetime and open it up, and not just open the door; but shut it behind you because there is no going back. 

Our decisions have the power to greatly dictate our future, so we tread lightly or we tread heavily with our choices; regardless which way you tread this long journey, so few of us risk everything for that which means most in our lives. 

Whether you leap with or without heed, how can we be certain of our decisions bringing us closer to what we want than away? When we understand our human identity stems from our biology and physiology that connects to a spiritual and scientific understanding of our world as a whole. The saying “As above, so below” is as we are..”As outward we are inward, and as inward we are outward.” 

How can you make better decisions? Perceiving yourself being a part of the sum, connects you greatest to, you being your highest vibrational self possible. Ask yourself the following questions to create a healthy present, and optimal future. I’ve learned some of these tricks after ramming my head against the wall so to speak, so I share with you the wisdom from my errors. 

Our choices and decisions impact us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. They can alter our present, and future and affect the way we view our past. If we find our answers after a healthy view of discernment of how each of the below questions applies to us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially we will enjoy living a sound and balanced way of life that meets our greatest wants and needs. 

 Some thoughts to ask your mind and heart before making a decision:

  1. Will this choice add, or subtract to my life? 
  2. How will this impact my present and future?
  3. How much time will it take from me? 
  4. Do I like the way it will influence me?
  5. Which part of me likes it, or dislikes it, and why?

Some thoughts to ask your mind and heart while you are experiencing the decision:

  1. Do I feel relaxed?
  2. Am I at peace?
  3. Can I think clearly?
  4. Am I fully aware?
  5. Am I content?
  6. Am I a better version of myself now?

Some thoughts to ask mind and heart after you’ve made the decision:

  1. Do I feel better or worse?
  2. Is my energy high or is my energy low?
  3. Are better things happening around me or worse?
  4. Do I view life in a bright way or dark?
  5. Do I want this influence to be in my life never, temporarily, or often?

Life is all about being able to enjoy our ultimate freedom, but being free-spirited can connect you to where your child-like self meets your adult-self so you can enjoy the best of both worlds by making decisions that connect you closer to your true identity, linking you to your deepest wants and desires! Rising compassion vibrates through all of your being effortlessly, when living through your true identity. We have so many decisions that come to us through moment to moment, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly decisions we make. Gingerly, but freely enjoy the ones you choose!

The Sliding Door Concept:

I watched this movie in highschool with Gwyneth Paltrow (a fellow Macrobiotic and amazing A-list actress, who at one time married Coldplay’s Chris Martin) where she made 2 different decisions from an event that happened and how her life was altered in 2 very different ways. I won’t be a spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it, cuz I couldn’t do that for this great film!…but it makes you think alot about destiny. 

We have free will to make all the choices and decisions we want whether they are good, or bad…illegal, or legal. Something is beyond our will, which is the scientific aspect known as the energy that is made in this world. The energy we put in us through our 5 senses, will effect the frequency we tune into in our daily lives. To be mindful of what we consume through our 5 senses in this world, will make all the difference of how we view our perception and the experience everything!

Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch are our 5 senses. Let’s ask ourselves some other questions when we make our decisions. Rather than time, let’s ask ourselves these questions about the choices we are about to make and how they impact us and the co-relation to our energy that interacts with all energy on the planet and beyond. 


What are you programming into your eyes and for how much time are you looking at it? Negative, positive?


Is what you smell like or smell in your world offensive, or pleasant? Natural or Chemical?


What music, media, are you programming your subconscious and conscious thoughts with? Negative, positive?


Does what you eat for every meal satisfy the 6 tastes of the tongue(sweet, sour, bitter, sour, and umami)? Processed, whole? Natural or Chemical?


Are your sensations heightened, neutral, or lowered? Does your skin suffocate in synthetic, or breathe in natural material?  

We can all agree regardless of our spiritual or lack of spirituality that we all interact with the world in a physical way. This external world is all made of energy, and what we partake in with our 5 senses is a very large determining factor of what choices and decisions are presented to us daily and how we make them repeat, stay stagnant, or begin a new cycle. 

When you vibe high, you float in life in a frequency that is synergistic to your world. When you vibe low, you hit road blocks all along the way. 

This makes the choices really simple when you realize that this whole thing can be compared to a giant science experiment. If you mix baking soda and vinegar you are going to get one reaction; if you mix baking soda and water you are going to get another reaction. 

Which reaction exists in your life? How does the world react to you? How do you react to your world? 

We can all have the life we want when we submit to the science behind it all, and the energy that cannot be changed but only observed and made for your benefit or curse. 

These are just a few questions we can ask ourselves about how our choices that are presented to us daily can affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially for our present, future, and how we perceive our past. We can ask on a fundamental level how when we look at our physical environment affects by the energy through our 5 senses and where we are tuned in in our current frequency.

I believe we can all start making the choices and bigger decisions that reflect who we truly are, because we have one life to live, and give of our truest expression of self to pay it forward for the gifts we have been gifted with, blessings to ya’ll.

Published by Gina di Caro

Italian/German American woman, raised in the Midwest with a Japanese diet with a hippie free-thinking family who are entrepreneurs that accomplished the American dream! Texan implant, Massage Therapist of 10 years with a hell of a lot of tattoos on my body. Space cadet of the century, I'm all over the place with passion filled enough to run a million marathons without stopping. I'm on a legacy rampage to speak with a strong voice and teach others to do so too, so we can all listen more to ourselves and live our highest calling in this life. Let's share our journey with others so that we become a connected entity of people, ready for anything and all!

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