Consistency Represents You!

When we look in the mirror, we can ask ourselves, “Who am I?” Is our identity founded in the thoughts of our mind, the feelings of our heart, or the core of our soul? It’s easy to assume identities that help us attach an understanding of ourselves, our brain is doing it all the time programmed to make assumptions to better understand the world at large.

Why then would we consider believing our brain’s attempts to understanding ourselves? When we take our egoistic perception of ourselves we can see ourselves from an outside perspective to who we appear by our outside actions that are a much more accurate view of who we really are.

What good does it do to have a philosophical mind, if you don’t write down theories and see how they align with other theories. What good is it to be an excellent chef, but cook for only yourself? Fortunately or unfortunately; the world decides who we are based on our outside representation of ourselves and can we blame them when the only thing they have to discern character is our actions?

Some people are well aware of the power of external judgment and use it to their advantage, while others not interested in, and/or feel comfortable using this power. Whether we want to participate or not we live in a competitive world with the ability to be great or horrible to us. Our hearts show us who we really are, our actions determine our integrity, and our minds show us patterns and cycles that exist within everything including ourselves.

It is in these patterns we are able to really discover how the puzzle connects, and with the ability to problem-solve the patterns in our mind, heart, and soul (internal world) we can achieve a higher level of ability to solve the problems in our external world where actions represent us.

I think identity is something of a vague concept to most of us, and have a very limited understanding of it and it begins with “We are what we eat.” What we feed our bodies build our DNA and cells into evolved, or maladapted bits that affect us systemically and outside of our bodies, and energy attracts certain energy. Without a basic understanding of our biology, and physiology we will not be able to conquer the most basic understanding of identity which are the fundamentals of understanding our life-the picture as a whole.

Our bodies were designed to be active and for athletic use; otherwise, we would have been born a snake slithering along with simple movement. When we lead a life that was designed for our body, mind and soul we enjoy a simpler approach to life that works synergistically and organically.

A few years ago, I met someone who had a waterproof writing pad inside their shower to write notes when it came to mind during their daily shower. Then someone else mentioned to me how the repetitive movement (such as the showerhead sound) and ritual of the shower itself are all a type of meditation; much like running, lifting weights, chopping vegetables, doing the dishes, etc. It sparked my mind that any type of repetitive movement, or ritualistic activity is really great for humans and we crave it since we are all creatures of habit.

Consistency allows us to have better health, relationships, finances, fitness, and a closer spiritual connection. Consistency does not have time for excuses, or lack of resources, or any dilemmas. To be consistent means living the life that was meant to be, as the creator of your life!

Rising compassion begins to exist on a daily basis in yourself and in others when you’re able to live up to the hardest oath of all-being consistently married to yourself through the ups and downs, looking inside and out-making changes where necessary and decisions being born out of a healthy discernment for creating an optimal environment for a balanced way of life.

When you are committed to yourself (consistent) the whole world knows it and feels in on a very animalistic level. You will become not only successful for yourself but successful for others, as an inspiration for them to lead a life of consistency that makes sense for themselves.

We all get the same time in the day, so let’s use it wisely. We only have this moment to live, the next moment we could cease to exist. We only will have one eulogy that highlights who we are, all that will be left of our identity will be what we left attached to others on the planet through memories.

You have the power, creativity, and all you need to live the consistent life of your choice. Yes, life can bring circumstances that take away from leading a balanced and consistent life-can we rise to the challenge? Can we adapt, overcome, re-create and design a new way? There may be bumps, but we can and will make it to the top through self-love which brings rising compassion to ourselves and the world!

Self-love isn’t selfish, as long as you lead a life of balance. Do you give as much as you take? Do you build as much as you rest? Whatever we do that is consistent is the only representation of who we are. Do we give, give, give, and never or rarely take? Do we build, build, build, with no rest? The most important thing in life is to be balanced-yes imbalance will happen, and will happen often but it is our undertaking to do our best to structure a new center each time.

When you skip a beat in life, pick back up and get yourself up off the ground-go one step further, push yourself that much more. Hard work does pay off, and smart work pays off more. Take the time to educate yourself, learn, and listen a little deeper to what life is asking of you.

Can we rise to the occasion and be consistent? When I think of my own identity and who I am representing of that by exchanging my mind, body, soul to the external world in the form of actions-I have to say it doesn’t line up! If that’s the case, it leads to a huge disharmony by NOT living to your highest self. I ask y’all to take this step with me, as I am by being the consistent person of our soul so that we can rise higher and further along our journey in this life.

Everyday I lift weights, I remind myself I have functional arms and legs with a body that has all the 5 senses working properly. I remind myself I am grateful where I am living, and where I was and where I am. I am on a new journey to eat a plant-based vegan/raw lifestyle again. This is my consistency. I will start to integrate meditation, goal-setting, and financial planning more and more!

If you aren’t sure what to start to be consistent in, think about what you have always aspired to do, or be and start with one small thing and do it for 30 days then add to it! It only takes 30 days to create a habit, and if you get good at it, you can do a few at a time. I believe in you, and I know you can do it! Rising compassion with one heart at a time, starting with yours!

Published by Gina di Caro

Italian/German American woman, raised in the Midwest with a Japanese diet with a hippie free-thinking family who are entrepreneurs that accomplished the American dream! Texan implant, Massage Therapist of 10 years with a hell of a lot of tattoos on my body. Space cadet of the century, I'm all over the place with passion filled enough to run a million marathons without stopping. I'm on a legacy rampage to speak with a strong voice and teach others to do so too, so we can all listen more to ourselves and live our highest calling in this life. Let's share our journey with others so that we become a connected entity of people, ready for anything and all!

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