Why the Coronavirus?

Self-perseverance derives from the root of our very human nature, whether things are going well in our lives, and especially when things are going badly. Our innate fear response, kick starts us to choose an action of flight or fight in the face of disaster. When we operate from a place of self-preservation, we live in fear of pain and suffering and, ultimately, death. Let us ask ourselves in the face of fear; What are we afraid of losing? More importantly, Why are we afraid of losing whatever it is we are afraid to lose?

Loss is death, of self. We are afraid to lose ourselves because we may not recognize our own identity when things change. The fear of losing our identity temporarily, and even forever is one of the most daunting feelings to the human psyche. Maybe something, someone, etc. external to us has helped us to defined our “identity,” and without it- the definition of our narrative will be unrecognizably hollow.

Who are we? What have we collected in our external world to define our identity? People? Places? Things? We should ask ourselves what gives us purpose and value? What happens if those things we have chosen to define ourselves, the things we have attached to our purpose and value no longer exist? Where, then, will be our purpose/value?

Only the storm can calm the mind. We can see only during the storm, if what we were building aligns with our truest values, or if it aligns with something other than ourselves? Who are we? What do we stand for? Where are we going?

It is a sad, unfortunate event when we dismiss blessings as “problems” in the name of fighting them into submission! We must remember that whatever we resist, it will persist. Do we choose to remain half-awake and partially ignorant in our newfound reality? Do we wish to repeat the same life lessons in an endless cycle, through a varied series of events, all having different subtitles, but the same title called “change?”

When we think of the coronavirus, so much comes to mind and how we have responded to this pandemic. Most of us will never know how it began, why it is here, or where we will be going after- if there is an after. Much of our own existence, mirrors this virus: we do not know why we are here, what we are doing, or where we are going.

Regarding the information of the virus, we can believe the narratives that have been directed to us by the media, news, politicians, world leaders, and health and safety organizations. We can believe the unknown ideas of conspiracy, cosmos, religious, spiritual, other-worldly, and inner knowledge.

Yin and Yang are two opposed and complementary forces of our 3-dimensional world that define our spirit and ego. Yin being an expansive force, open, submissive, airy, feminine like our spirit. Yang being a contractive force, closed, controlling, and fiery, masculine like our ego. Both coexist as necessary to live as a spirit in a body; through the cosmos in the world.

It is easy to get lost in a sea of information at this time, where are spirits float in all directions. It is easy to redirect a “new normal” routine where our ego finds structure and balance. We need to see above the algorithms of the way we interact with our reality. How is this virus any different than how we were going through life before?

Lost in our spirit, lost in our ego, lost in the world.

What difference is a new cycle if we repeat ourselves in the new cycle? It then is an old cycle that repeats, bleeding unto the new…stagnant at the present moment and unto the future lest we wake fully up and see our reality from a bird’s eye view.

I believe all things are good, even the bad. When something is destroyed, it allows room for something new to be created. It can be gruesome to accept that destruction could lead to our own ending, but when we understand the world is not for or against us, it is much more palatable for us to digest.

It is interesting how specieist we are towards how just or unjust the world is when animal homes are being destroyed in storms, but as long as we are okay, it is not a complete catastrophe. When we discover that we are only “part” of the world and not the whole world itself, we can learn our place and our part here at this time.

Corona means Crown, infecting cells like a medieval morning star weapon. Virus means to corrupt and destroy data in an entire system multiplying on a very small level taking over. This virus affects the lungs and respiratory. These are the factual details we have been given if only we look at a deeper meaning other than just a virus.

God speaks to us in the only way we can understand- our tangible world. We need to look at symbolism to find the deeper meanings to the bigger picture rather than circumstance, accident, or planned.

Crowns are of Royalty: Kings and Queens, reigning with absolute power over others. The cells look like a morning star medieval weapon that was used to emit blunt force to injure or kill an enemy. Viruses are sneaky, quietly taking you down by deleting your genetic data and re-creating a maladapted version with its own agenda. This virus affects the lungs and respiratory system, the breath a quiet sound that feeds oxygen into the lungs to breathe blood into our heart and our body to keep us alive; the breath of life.

I am amazed at how many people rely on scientific thinking to produce other facts in the world, but when it comes to our body, spirit, community, or state of the world, many people would like to turn the other cheek to this way of thinking. Science seeks to answer the question, why. Nothing just happens, and the more we seek to understand, the more we can rest in the knowledge of what actions or inactions to take.

This coronavirus is a reminder that we are not living in the way as we should as whole human species of the world, and it will take away the very breath of life if we continue to take from it. We think we are kings and queens unto ourselves, but we will be humbled by those things smaller than ourselves. We think we are so awake, but we will be bluntly awakened by the morning star, which seeks to destroy our sleeping nature.

Every single thing in our existence is created by energy, and we are the collective masters who become one singular energy. When we remain in an imbalanced way of living for a long period of time and ignore all the signs, it is no different than our human bodies ignoring the signs and developing our own disease.

The planet will eradicate us as it has done so with so many other lifeforms if we continue to lead a blind and foolish life. It is our responsibility to start to look outside of ourselves to see that the only thing we are fighting and protecting ourselves from IS ourselves.

The fear is not outside; it is inside our homes, in the mirror to who we see on a daily basis. We are not living in alignment to who we are, and if we fail to see this, we really are foolish since we as a world in unison are in this predicament for our collective energy together.

When we think we have a foundation built and are the King and Queens of the land, we will see that our very foundation (bodies) that we cannot even live in balance within are not at peace with us. This is because we continue to look away from the truths we all know we need to abide by.

Please use this time to look within, why this is happening on a deeper level other than the narrative given or the unknown cosmos. There is a deeper calling unto us all at this time, and if we don’t take heed right now, we will all collectively pay for our foolishness.

Published by Gina di Caro

Italian/German American woman, raised in the Midwest with a Japanese diet with a hippie free-thinking family who are entrepreneurs that accomplished the American dream! Texan implant, Massage Therapist of 10 years with a hell of a lot of tattoos on my body. Space cadet of the century, I'm all over the place with passion filled enough to run a million marathons without stopping. I'm on a legacy rampage to speak with a strong voice and teach others to do so too, so we can all listen more to ourselves and live our highest calling in this life. Let's share our journey with others so that we become a connected entity of people, ready for anything and all!

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