6 Ways to Raise Your Humanity

It is quite obvious how technology has progressed our society in many revolutionary ways, but with great positives come great negatives. We are more connected than ever to anyone in the world at a moments notice, how is it that we have become so disconnected to our humanity?

Benevolence. Brotherhood. Sisterhood. Fellowship. Universal Morality. These are the thoughts that we can connect with what it means to be a human.

Raising our awareness is really elevating us all collectively, but beyond the surface we can see the dysfunction in our connections, and our communications that are hindering us in very deep ways. We can look in a wide array of articles spanning the internet on ‘Ghosting’ in both personal relationships and the workplace, the rising violence in public, and overall moral decline among the new wave of social movement. These are just a few highlighted issues that deteriorate humanity in ways that can have lasting dysfunctions among future generations.

It would be easy to look at our history and how we got to where we are today, but I believe in taking responsibility for where we are at today as is; looking in the mirror and making decisions that will influence our way of communications and also lead the way for others to rise to the occasion and become a community before we end up an island.

Perhaps you’re guilty in adding to the dysfunction causing negative effects in others, or you’re a victim of the dysfunction that has caused negative effects in yourself. People are searching for ways to make things better and if you’re unaware that you are affecting those around you, now is a great time to reflect your actions and take action! If you have dropped out as a victim, feeling powerless to the collective dysfunction; you have way more power than you think to effect the outcome for a greater good! So many people in history have gone great lengths to keep the golden rule “Treat Others as You Want to Be Treated,” and “One Love,” and the like that have scribed to our narrative of what it means to be human and be a participant in humanity. We are all participants in the shape of how our reality exists and we all have the power to change things for how we would like them to be!

1.Be Accountable

Now exists many shells of a human, empty, dead inside, estranged from the emotions that connect their spirit to their body. It’s an unfortunate event to be alive and dead at the same time, existing in your body but not your spirit. When we exist more as a robot than a human in the material world, we fulfill only our material senses that connect us to the earth. We can appeal to our sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch living for those things that only exist here; and in that space we can sufficiently live as an island connected to our own ego, self, and selfish needs, wants, and desires of our own existence. When we live like this, we do not necessarily need or even want another human being since we are so connected to ourselves only and not to others.

Ghosting is more commonplace than a rarity because more people do not feel the regard for another human being whatsoever, since they only exist to themselves and their own ego. When we live in a state of pure identity alone, what then would be the point of connecting to another human unless it would benefit us in a transactional robotic way? That is a scary reality to live in!

It doesn’t feel good for us as humans to be disregarded by others, used transactionally, as a tool, object, or other form of use. When we ghost or are ghosted we are sending a message that devalues both people and their humanity. The more we decrease one another’s value, the less valuable we become as a whole. When using each other is more commonplace than rare, we put less effort in our output to the world and others. We are a creative bank of extreme capabilities that should never be silenced, ignored, or devalued! Time to step up our game of accountability.

The premise to avoid communication and ‘ghost’ is to make things “easier” for ourselves. This is seemingly easy on the surface, but below is gets pretty dark. This avoidance behavior teaches us to not actively handle things that incites a fear to communicate because we want the easy way out. In reality avoidance complicates things, festering a blister that will eventually pop. Open and honest communication holds us accountable; it takes bravery, courage and character. One generation ago, none of those words would be described with open and honest communication because being accountable was just a way of life. Accountability was who you were as a human unto others; it was your word, and your bond.

To be accountable means to own up to your identity not in the light you wish to be seen, but in the light that you actually are by your actions. It is not a painted image, filtered, or imagined; it is your character and all of the good and bad that you are; it is what makes you human and connects you to other humans who are flawed and imperfect just like you. To be accountable means to have a deep respect for another human being, that you value another human for all that they are. It means others are deserving of civility, and civility divides us from being wild animals and into human beings.

When we ignore taking the step to communicate, and let things go to the wayside we are a cowardly people not choosing to face reality. What respect do we deserve when we bury our heads in the sand and imagine the dream to wish away reality as it actually exists? Society will come crashing down when we have all collectively decided that we wish to live in “good vibes” only, and not address anything else except the fantasy world we want to create to make things ‘easy.’

What trust or loyalty can exist in a society that all agrees to just look away at dysfunction? Rather than weaken our fragile and offended world, we can choose humility and taking the brave and vulnerable step to be a person of respect. In order to be respected, and respectful; our ego needs to take a backseat so that we can ground ourselves to the situation asking us to communicate.

If you are guilty of this, as most of us have been at one time or another; remember that you can do the right thing even after the fact and address others with great character, responsibility, and respect for your brother and sisterhood of humanity. You can exist grounded to others rather than floating in your own ego bubble of existence.

If you are a victim of ghosting, you have the ability to address others whether it be in person, or over the phone, voicemail or message you have the ability to communicate what you expect setting a boundary of respect for yourself. You lead the way by showing others that you are not a doormat, and expect to be treated with respect.

When we stay accountable; we are living loyal to our actions. When we put the value of others in alignment with the value we have for ourselves we can raise our humanity!

2. Show Empathy

It seems we are always on the go, focused on our lives and what is next. By default we are selfish, since we live in our own body and mind our entire lives. In order for us to have empathy we need to understand that other human beings are living in their own body and mind their whole lives as well, and ask ourself “How do I connect to them emotionally if I cannot truly ever understand them?”

The way we can seek to understand others is to work towards understanding our own emotions and how it connects to our thoughts and actions. Another way to learn empathy is to be present in the moment 100% when you are around other people. Tap into your senses that ground you to the present moment asking:

What do I see around me?

What do I smell?

What do I hear?

What do I feel?

What do I taste?

The above questions are a grounding exercise that connect you to the present moment so that you can be more fully aware than wrapped up in your own existence. When we seek to ways we can connect to others emotionally instead of ways that we find disconnect us, we are utilizing our ability to have empathy.

Many people are aware of how to empathize, but by choice remain emotionally distant. Choosing distance is a form of self-protection and avoid being vulnerable and remain in control. However, choosing to remain distant in order to avoid being vulnerable actually makes you vulnerable to your own self-limiting behavior of self-protection. Either way you are vulnerable whether to your mind or to your heart. Choosing to be vulnerable to others is allowing yourself to flow and be open with your fellow human counterparts whereas shutting off empathy closes you completely off from others.

Control/ Fear versus Nonposession/ Love is our choice when choosing a frequency in which we choose to exist. Both cannot exist together, so freewill allows us a closed or open path one with predictability and another unknown.

Why are we so obsessed with not appearing to be in our ‘feels’ when it is the very thing that makes us all human and unites us! It doesn’t fulfill any desire except control and at the cost of what we all seek so deeply, this contradiction serves no purpose whatsoever. Why be so serious about life and present it as calm and collected? It is anything but, and the real beauty and lovely vulnerability resides in our raw, uncut messy nature. Why pretend to be holier than thou, when underneath we are very much the same? When we empathize we choose to connect, and when we choose to assert our mind over our heart we are choosing to disconnect. Disconnection serves no purpose except self-fulfilling prophecies to their own fear based logic.

We are anything but grown, and always growing. Let us be more vulnerable to the notion that is far more of a reality we can accept which is we are much more alike than we differ, and unite in our imperfect natures rather than divide from one another due to an imagined self-image.

All humans have a masculine and feminine aspect to themselves which is what makes us have different thoughts, actions and behaviors. Living out of alignment of this natural balance will create over-evolved aspects of ourselves and mal-evolved aspects of ourselves. Feminine energy goes within, while masculinity is all about action. We must go within ourselves, to go out and take action. Listening to our own hearts, we can then go out and listen to others hearts. We will raise our humanity by listening to one another and connecting more deeply to our most intricate side of ourselves.

Let’s slow down, connect with our hearts instead of our minds-open up and just be! In that space we can feel WHO we are, WHAT we are, WHY we are, WHERE we are, and WHEN by living in the moment that exists because it is all we have to simply BE.

When we uncover our feelings that connect us to our thoughts and actions we can discover a very deep part of ourselves, and when we take the time to listen and REALLY listen to others we can connect with them, and exist as brothers and sisters of humanity that crave and require this level of connection that really make us who we are.

3. Pay it Forward

Someone recently said something to me, that really made me think in a way that was pretty disturbing and revolutionary “Think about all of human history and how we just TAKE from the earth………. what have we GIVEN to the earth?” It made me realize that we take all the time without any thought of giving in return. In our thoughts, actions, and behaviors in our daily lives inward and outwardly, taking!

When we take from this existence, the natural balance would be to give in return. However, due to tradition of taking in all circumstances we are living blindly under this extreme imbalance quite unknowingly. “Are we giving back on the level we are taking?” Let’s be honest, all of us could take a lot less and give more. Giving back simply feels good, and raises the good vibrations inside of us; it will make us a lot less selfish and a lot more selfless. Taking is a form of control, and when we let go we realize that we don’t really own anything at all.

Whether we want to posses material possessions, or people as possessions, experiences and or anything else we want to hoard in our controlled existence; the minute we let go of everything we are free! What a feeling to be free, and give rather than take.

Paying it forward can take many forms, but gifting another and uplifting each other is the most loving thing we can do. When we gift our time, money, resources, hearts, minds, and spirit, we are tapping into pure love energy.

The quest of never-ending ambition ceases to ever be fulfilled and lives in a cycle of constant forward motion. We raise our humanity when we remain in the NOW, giving it our best effort to share with our brothers and sisters that is a very fulfilling feeling!

Morality increases, as we show value in others by way of our actions of paying good energy forward to the next person who needs it at the time. We propel our humanity in a speedier forward motion of progression than we possibly could alone; because selfless intent is much more freely giving in the universe that our selfish ways towards power could ever be. Energy cannot be acquired; it is neither created or destroyed it simply is.

Do something nice for others that challenges your spirit and faith in the universe. Know that whatever you give and on the scale you do will never go unseen and good energy is rewarded with even greater energy, so give freely and pay it forward!

4. The Boomerang Law

To know that everything that exists is energy, is extremely powerful knowledge. When we see universal laws as they exist, we have the ability to enjoy them in our favor and for the favor of humanity as a whole. We are the energy masters that have ultimate power and direction for our lives, and the lives of others. Common sayings of what I call the Boomerang Law are as follows:

As Above, So Below

You Reap, What You Sow

Your Output, Becomes Your Input

Luck exists only in the realm of energy flow, so ultimately we are responsible for the way our lives are going. It is a hard reality to face that everything in our lives has been deserved of us, by us, for us for eternity. To raise our humanity we must be responsible for what we put out, we will receive tenfold.

Some people do not know they have this power, but test it and you will see for yourself it exists and is real! Some people think they are above this power in the universe and attempt to cheat the system of the universe. Don’t cut corners, because corners will cut you! Every human will be humbled to their knees in the most graceful or disgraceful way imaginable, so it is best to just utilize this logic for the favor of yourself and others.

Universal justice exists and will take care of itself, so the only thing we need to focus on is being our best self possible, because it is the only thing we truly have power over and when we learn to master ourself we can manifest reality in the universe right in front of our eyes.

Whatever we are passionate about is what we attract, so let us produce more self-love and RISING COMPASSION for the world around us and all of humanity.

When you want to make justice happen quicker within your own reality, and you face backlash it is because the right choice is to stand up for the injustice but not with passionate aggression. When we stay in our own humble power, and let go for that which is not within our power we are practicing wisdom and letting our ego go, and our higher spirit which is guiding us for the greater good to lead the way, which inevitably is the easiest path we can take-even if it doesn’t seem easy at the time. The universe has a way of correcting itself, and if we learn to listen and give that which we wish to exist we get more of that thing!

Rather than be stunted by our circumstance with repeated cycles in our life we can break the boomerang law but giving power that which we want to be more powerful and let go of that which we wish to become weakened. We grow our humanity by surpassing lessons we need to learn and growing from that in new ways we have evolved.

Treating others the way we wish to be treated the golden rule, universally loved by all and we can keep it in power by allowing ourselves to give from our hearts, rather than our minds. Raise our humanity by giving that which you wish to receive.

5. Change Your Unseen Actions

What do we think of ourselves? What do others think of us? The Japanese have a popular proverb,

“We have 3 faces, the 1st face we show the world, the 2nd face we show our friends and family, and the 3rd face we never show anyone.”

I believe it is within that 3rd face (the one we never show anyone) that we can truly face our shadow spirit and turn it to the light and align from 3 faces into one authentic one!

We all have unseen actions, thoughts, and feelings that will never be revealed or expressed but hidden below the surface a darkness that we can call a friend that is always there with us and serves a higher calling for our growth. There is a reason we are different alone than with anyone in the world, in words that cannot be spoken but only understood with deep meditative thought. Call it our moral guide and compass into who we are in our deepest spirit; the voice that exists within us waiting to be heard. If we listen closely we can see that it is asking us something…

The greatest things we can imagine that exist in our reality all began from the unseen imaginative mind before it was manifested and seen in the world. Manifesting this great power within, we have the ability to raise our humanity from our own mind! Our mind produces a high frequency of electricity that will be an output of energy in the world on a very powerful scale- so it is necessary to be mindful of our unseen self and observe with great silence the voice within that speaks to us.

When we hear the script of our narrative written to us, by us, and for us-we can hear who we really are and connect with that voice in order to change the parts of ourselves that need changing. Our unseen actions are separate from the side of ourselves that we show the world. I believe that when we can align our 3 faces, we can exist in PURE undivided energy. This highest form of self seeks to exist in raw authentic power! We have the ability to choose fear or love in everything we do and choosing love brings us closer to our highest self aligned with our greatest good for ourself and others. If we learn to listen to where our inner thoughts, actions and feelings exist then we can transform for the better.

We do a great justice for our spirit by being ourselves in the fullness that we are in every aspect of our lives, raw, uncut and real. When we become more solid in our whole selves, we allow others to feel love instead of fear around our energy so they an be their whole selves as well.

Too much of the time we are divided from who we are, so how do we expect to be in unity with others, when we are not even within unity within our own being? We can raise our humanity by being whole within and aligning ourselves with greater unity that we are. A great question to ask is “Why am I not showing this side of who I am, and what fear is it attached to?” Letting go of all fears is the ultimate form of freedom and peace, and vibing in the highest frequency called Love!

6. Reflect

When we are thinking ahead, and behind we have no time to exist now. I know all too well about the aspect of growth that only happens with self-reflection mostly because I never did it! For whatever the reason whether you do not want to face certain truths, you don’t have practice reflecting, or you just think forward instead of behind all the ways hinder self-growth.

Reflecting on a regular basis is a mental exercise that makes us healthier and happier human beings. We raise our humanity when we connect the dots and analyze things in a way that are not circular but pointed as a guide to a purposeful reason, even if the reason is not yet revealed. Things really do come full circle and some things only make sense in hindsight.

I have a friend who allowed me to read his diary/journal (very surprising) because mine has always been filled with a lot of darkness. He did it as a practice of regular enlightenment. His inner experiences were all focused on positivity and told me something he does daily in each moment where he asks himself

“What is this person/experience teaching me or asking me to learn in this moment?”

Great gratitude comes with regular reflection, and grounds us to the moment that we have existing right in front of us. We can learn in every way, if we just open our senses to seeing the direct and indirect signs that are looking to guide our direction in the way we need to go in our lives.

Life is not all about depth, and there is plenty of superficial happenings that exist because they are just needed as well. While it is not always good to remain in our cerebral thinking 100% of the time, it points us one step closer to a connection to the big questions in our life

“Why is this in my life, and how does it connect to my higher learning?”

We have great purpose, as does everyone else in humanity – it is what binds us together; as the evolved animal species we are. Defining a greater purpose for ourselves is really satisfactory because it makes us have great gratitude for every miraculous moment we are so lucky to be a part of on this planet, in this life that we have right in front of us. It makes it light, joyful and airy and reminds us that it isn’t all so serious! Let’s laugh, play and enjoy all that is and see that there is always great meaning but it doesn’t have to be so sage-like but rather a fun exploration of the puzzle pieces that are thrown our way along this epic journey we have together. We can rise our humanity for ourselves, and when we do this the RISING COMPASSION for the world grows tenfold!

Published by Gina di Caro

Italian/German American woman, raised in the Midwest with a Japanese diet with a hippie free-thinking family who are entrepreneurs that accomplished the American dream! Texan implant, Massage Therapist of 10 years with a hell of a lot of tattoos on my body. Space cadet of the century, I'm all over the place with passion filled enough to run a million marathons without stopping. I'm on a legacy rampage to speak with a strong voice and teach others to do so too, so we can all listen more to ourselves and live our highest calling in this life. Let's share our journey with others so that we become a connected entity of people, ready for anything and all!

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